Don’t Waste Any Time – Take Your CPR and First Aid Certification Together!


Landing a new job is an exciting time when a large amount of new information might be getting thrown at you. Among the information inundation, some employers require certain certifications that employees must complete in order to remain employed.

One of those certifications might be a CPR certification and another might be First Aid Certification. It’s important to note that both are not the same. Many jobs out there might require you to get one or both credentials, vocations such as in construction, fitness trainer, childcare provider, nurse, lifeguard, manager, server, firefighter, police officer, and more.

Those who are pressed for time might want to get their CPR and first aid certification completed in one fell swoop. Click here to get yourself a CPR and first aid certification. Below, we go over a few benefits of doubling up on your certification.

Increase Your Skill Set

Even if you’re not required to take your first aid certification on top of CPR, it might be a good idea to consider doing so, which will help better prepare you if an emergency does occur while you’re in a position to help. The more certifications that you earn, the more employable you will be down the road. Your current employer will benefit from your new skills and any future employer will also benefit from your new skills.

Many vocations will require both CPR and first aid certifications, and a new role will likely have you working a busy schedule, so you might not want to have to schedule two separate appointments and spend your off time getting properly certified. In such cases, it makes sense to get them both done together.

Save Time and Money

Doubling up on your CPR and First Aid certification will certainly save you time and effort when it comes to scheduling, requesting time off from work, and commuting to your certification provider. You might also save yourself or your employer money by getting them both done in one package deal. When you purchase both separately, you might end up paying a higher price, and, of course, you’ll have to secure two separate appointments and make two separate trips.

CPR and First Aid Certification Completed in One Day

Most certification providers will pass you through their course on the same day that you take and complete it. If you stay engaged and pay attention during the course, you should pass any final exams given with flying colors. You can always brush up on your knowledge online or by reading medical journals.

There might have been a time when you’ve felt helpless as a bystander when someone was choking at a restaurant or had a heart attack at a public park. With CPR and first aid certification, you’ll be able to help prevent brain damage or even death. You can be the first and last line of defense until emergency personnel arrives. Not only will your certifications help you remain an asset to your employer, but your new certifications might also be the difference between life and death one day.


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