Overseas jobs in Qatar

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Many people are interested in overseas jobs in Qatar. Everything is determined by your skills and work experience. If you do not know English, be sure to start learning, otherwise even super professionalism will not help. Employers must interview the applicant to find out his merits.

What should you know about work in Qatar?

Job search in the Gulf countries is a reality today. The work for foreigners is different – from the service sector to managers of large companies. In Qatar, vacancies in the hotel and restaurant business are not difficult to find. The level of hotels is different, especially 5-stars hotels. Working for girls in the service sector is well paid, and experienced employees are especially appreciated. There is an opportunity, if there is a vacancy in Qatar, to stay in a high-class hotel, develop skills, study the characteristics and culture of a Muslim country. Great job for young people are sport clubs. You can show your skills as a trainer, fitness instructor or yoga instructor. This area is very popular in Qatar. Of course, a job in such clubs requires a good level of English to communicate with the client. An office worker is also in demand, although work in a state preaching Islam has some peculiarities – knowledge of the Arabic language is encouraged. Recommendations, surety, official permission and an agreement with an employer in order to enter the country are of great importance.

What is the level of salary and lifestyle in Qatar?

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Qatar is one of the richest countries, thanks to the development of the gas and oil industry. The local population here is wealthy, spoiled by abundance. The standard of living is high. Even without a higher education, you can receive from 500-600 dollars. Often the employer provides a social package not only for residents of their country, but also for labor migrants. This may include the execution of a contract, food, accommodation and medical insurance. With an agreement, you can even count on paying for the flight.

Job in Qatar in information technology, in oil companies requires a high level of training and experience, but it pays very well. Knowledge of languages ​​is required.

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The prices in the shops are reasonable, lower than in other countries, for example, in the UAE. In your free time, you can see the country. The locals are especially proud of the beautiful skyscrapers, the beautiful bay and endless deserts. Your salary will allow you to see this beauty. In general, friendly people live here, they treat migrants well, because they themselves are picky in choosing a suitable, not hard job.

What are the most popular vacancies in Qatar?

In addition to popular vacancies – hotel service personnel, waiters and cooks, in Qatar you can count on the position of an office employee, secretary, sales manager, information technology.

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There are vacancies in beauty salons for professionally trained girls. These are cosmetologists, make-up artists, hairdressers, nail service specialists. These jobs require experience.

Educational and medical workers with excellent knowledge of Arabic and English are also in demand here. This is work with children, animation, private lessons. Doctors are required not only of the highest category, but also nursing staff for work in hospitals, for home care, professional massage therapists.

Men can find labor-intensive but well-paid jobs such as construction, oil and gas production and processing. Professionals are also valued in these areas, and education is optional.

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