How to Know if Key Safes are Reliable


Key safes are significant for your home and even more for your business. They are a full-fledged electronic key management technology that lets businesses establish how workers access the cabinets and regulate these rights using sophisticated software. As a result, you can secure your important files in the same standards as that used by the government with smart equipment.

A business key safe. It is more durable than the tiny ones that many individuals use at home. Business key cabinets, which can store up to 100 keys, are composed of tougher materials that could endure considerable physical damage. 

Nevertheless, the entire array of software restrictions truly enables organisations to tailor their corporate security systems. Intelligent, secure key software solutions enable businesses to set complex access restrictions tailored to keys and staff. Administrators can restrict key distribution to specific individuals or protocols, including two-person verification. This sort of control implies that the key safe prohibits external thieves from gaining access to the facility and valuables and limits access inside the organisation.

What guarantees the protection of a commercial/home key safe?

This mix of physical reinforcement and programmable security systems enables a commercial key safe to be so protected. In addition, they seek to prevent unauthorised access and simplify the process to be less susceptible to human mistakes and completely responsive to organisational change.

Its physical security highlights

  • Dual locking 

Some commercial cabinets offer a dual-point locking system with two metal plates on the inner body. Unfortunately, it makes forcing the cabinet apart exceedingly difficult. 

  • The exterior is made of strong metal

All key safes available in the market are made up of strong metal that makes the cabinets completely assault-proof.

  • Tamper-proof system

Most key cabinets’ hooks hold a secured tamper-proof keychain, making it difficult to take or replace a key without being detected. The high-security key cabinets are also built with concealed cable entrance ports and double returns on all sides for added robustness.

Its software security highlights

  • Alarms — Be on the lookout for anything that might indicate unauthorised organisational entry. Whereas if the software detects somebody is trying to force the door unlocked, if the power is switched out, or if a key is not delivered within the duration you set, the system alert goes off.
  • Notifications — Use email and SMS alerts to notify important persons when an alert is triggered, regardless of where they are at the time.
  • Same-user-return — Enabling same-user returns allows you to keep custody of your keys even after they are signed out. Only when the identical login details are supplied in this case will the keys be returned. It encourages responsibility and prevents people from carelessly misplacing keys or handing keys on to someone who should not be using them.
  • Dual PIN sign out – Increase the protection of your key safe by demanding the presence of multiple persons to release a key. Each person must provide their access information before items can be issued, ensuring that only the appropriate individuals access your most precious keys.

Acquiring a key safe for your home or business will offer you strong security with its innovative features. You may finally feel protected wherever you go knowing that you are in complete control of your key cabinets. 


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