Do you need a trampoline at home?


Trampolining is an outdoor fun activity enjoyed by all kids. The thrill of jumping and bouncing attracts kids to hop on a trampoline and be happy for hours. Trampolines come in different sizes, shapes, and amounts of bounce, but all have a surface to bounce. Stores like Vuly trampoline sell good trampolines that meet safety standards. The most crucial factor to be remembered while buying a trampoline is the quality. When the quality is good, it provides more safety to the children and prevents injury.

Features of a good trampoline

Buying a trampoline is an exciting task, but there are many things to consider before choosing one.


The size depends on the space you have selected for placing the trampoline. It also depends upon the age and weight of the people jumping on it. A smaller size is enough if only young kids are going to use it. 

Weight limit

The maximum weight that the trampoline has to bear should be remembered before making a purchase. It should be able to support the total weight of the people bouncing on the surface.

Sturdy base

A sturdy base is needed because the trampoline should not tip over when children are jumping on it. It should be secured to the ground or have a weighted base. If these features are missing in the trampoline you buy, you must buy anchors to secure the base.


Since trampolines are placed outdoors, they must be able to withstand all the weather conditions. The metal parts of the trampoline should not rust when they are exposed to rain or moist weather conditions. A rustproof frame and spring will make it last for a longer time.

Safety net

It is a good idea to have a safety net around the trampoline. The netting prevents the children from falling off the trampoline while bouncing. They help in reducing the chances of injuries to the people using the trampoline.

The best surface for a trampoline 

The ground under the frame should be even and flat. There should be no slopes on the surface. The soil below should be soft to allow the frame legs to settle in and provide additional support. The surrounding area should not have any rocks or plants. There should be good overhead clearance so that children do not bump into anything while bouncing.

Benefits of trampolining

Lose weight: Rebounding is a metabolic support exercise, and when you bounce moderately, you can lose weight without stressing your metabolism.

Strengthens the skeletal system: Jumping regularly on a trampoline strengthens the bones and increases bone density. Your joints, tendons, and ligaments become strong, reducing the chance of osteoporosis.

Cardiovascular exercise: Trampolining is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that helps to improve heart and liver function. It ensures that you have the endurance for many types of activities.

Improves balance and posture: Your body is aligned when you stand straight to jump. Similarly, the spine is aligned, and the pelvic floors are strengthened, and your posture improves by jumping regularly.

Trampolining is a fun activity for kids and an excellent recreation for adults too. You can bounce on it to destress yourself after a busy day at your workplace. Have a great time with your kids as they jump on it and strengthen their muscles. Brands like Vuly trampoline have a wide range, and you can choose one according to your needs and the space available in your home. It will encourage your family to spend more time outdoors and stay healthy.


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