How to Boost Your Kratom Business Online In 2021?

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The kratom business holds numerous potentials due to its increasing popularity worldwide. However, kratom restrictions in terms of production, sale, and its use can be challenging. Besides, taking your business online is one of the best ways to reach customers far and wide. Yet, it takes some impeccable online marketing techniques to reach this goal.

The standard of online marketing has risen significantly in 2021. Thus, you need to step up your game to compete with the big names in the online marketplace. Follow these ten practical online marketing tips to boost your kratom business online.

1. Implement Fair Pricing

Besides the quality of your kratom products, the pricing is another aspect that interests online shoppers. The chances that your online kratom business will yield sales are high if they are affordable. Therefore, ensure to have reasonable prices for all types of kratom products. Online shoppers always compare prices, and they will purchase more affordable high-quality products. Furthermore, extend your sales to wholesalers as well. Give fair wholesale prices to vendors who will be buying in large quantities.

2. Sell Multiple Kratom Strains

Customers like having a variety of options to choose from when buying products. It helps them compare quality, quantity, and prices. While some customers prefer capsules, others like powder. Thus, ensure that you have multiple kratom strains for virtually every customer. Add green Borneo kratom to the list of kratom strains – it is probably the most popular type. 

Also, make kratom specialty blends. Provide your customers the opportunity to make their blends. Most importantly, ensure that your products are lab-tested. Selling high-quality kratom products is essential, especially if you want to run this business for a long time.

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3. Be GMP compliant

The American Kratom Association implemented the Good Manufacturing Practice Standards Program (GMP) to ensure that kratom dealers are ethical in their dealings. The GMP aims to ensure the safety of customers who buy kratom products. You would need to meet all the American Kratom Association requirements on their website. GMP certification proves that customers can trust you to deliver safe, high-quality kratom products.

4. Use Disclaimers

To boost and maintain your online kratom business, you need to operate within the law. While kratom has many health benefits, taking it without caution or proper information could intensify side effects. Also, being online does not make you less responsible for what happens to your customers when they consume your products. Therefore, use disclaimers. Start from the first page of your website. 

Be honest in describing your products and their benefits to avoid misleading customers. Also, some regions have strict rules on the sale and use of kratom. Thus, do your research and follow those rules.

5. Ensure Quality Shipping

One of the reasons why many prefer shopping online is having their goods delivered to them. Thus, have a concrete shipping strategy to meet the demands of your customers. First, work with reliable shipping companies to ensure fast shipping of the goods to their destinations. If you offer free shipping, make sure that the free shipping policy is clear and easy to understand. 

It helps to earn your customers’ trust and accumulate positive ratings and reviews. Lastly, consider international shipping. The majority of your target customers may not reside in and around your location. Thus, when you enable international shipping, you won’t be restricting yourself to one location.

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6. Update Your Website

Your kratom business website is your shop. It gives online shoppers an impression of who you are and what to expect from your products and service. Thus, ensure that your website is easy to navigate. Optimize your website to accommodate all the necessary SEO boosters it needs to rank. Also, optimizing your website makes the website load faster and also ensures that your website remains responsive. Lastly, give your website a modern look – the majority of your customers would be millennials.

7. SEO

The purpose of opening an online kratom shop is to attract paying customers. With impeccable SEO applications, you can reach that goal. SEO practices will make customers find your products on search engines. Also, customers and guests will always find a reason to visit your website for information. Incorporate SEO tactics like content creation, metadata, keywords, and more to boost your kratom business online.

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8. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways of boosting your online kratom business in 2021. At this stage, you already know that the email recipient is interested in your goods and services. You will be able to communicate the progress of your products, discounts, new kratom strains, and more to leads.

9. Prioritize Customer Support

Keeping customers happy is vital to the success of your online kratom business. One of the ways to ensure that your customers are happy with your service is to assist them. Thus, they know that you have their back whenever they have concerns, questions, or need directions. Have dedicated email, social media, and other instant messaging services where customers can reach you easily.

10. Ensure Flexible Orders

What makes people choose online shopping is the ease it affords them. Therefore, online shoppers would only appreciate buying kratom from your online store if they can place orders quickly. Ensure that your online business platform offers customers flexible orders. Consider creating buyer guides, especially for those new to buying kratom online. Make sure that the guide is detailed and easy for anyone to process. Furthermore, make the ordering and checkout processes ideal for bulk orders.


The kratom dealing business is already thriving as kratom strains are gaining global popularity. Thus, to reach potential customers across different regions, taking your kratom business online is essential. Implement these practical techniques, and you will slowly but surely reach your business goals.


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