Get Magical Winnings When You Play 3 Genie’s Wishes!

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How about some magic spells in your game? How about a game with genie’s wishes? Seems exciting, Right? What if you can actually play such a game? Yes, you can. You have heard about the tale of Aladdin. Based on the story of the magic lamp, Pragmatic Play has developed a game that can drive you crazy. Ah-haan! And, without a doubt, you will love to play it. 

So, what is the game about? Is it the same or have some twists? Well, the concept is almost the same. There is a genie. Yes, a genie to make your 3 wishes come true, but in an animated version.

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It has got several symbols with a lot of features. This game calls up for your treat. How? Oh! You will love to play its 50 win lines. 

How To Play 3 Genies Wishes Slot Game

Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t just hop directly into the game. At Least not as a beginner. Be cautious! Change the settings as per your needs and level that you can play. DO NOT SKIP THIS!!!! You must be confused as to how to do this. Right? Well, for this, you can: 

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Step 1: As this game needs the coin. So, you need to adjust the coin size. Look for the “+/-”. You can set the range starting from 1. 

Step 2: Since, everyone loves the automaton, you can set the number of spin and let the autoplay do the work for you. Even at 1000!

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Step 3: Obviously, you cannot start without tapping on the play button. So, make sure you do so. 

Special features of 3 Genies Wishes

Genie is there to help you out. You can be a street rat or a charming prince. Yes you can! But, you need the genie and his three wishes. Wait! You must be thinking how? So, let me tell you it is quite simple. All you have to do is to line up the three and five icons. Yes, that’s it. Do this and you can win. Wuhu!!! Not only this, you can have more chances of winning by paying more lines. 

Oh! You must know that the blue genie symbol can pay you as high as 500 credits and this is really huge. So, all you need to focus on is the genie. Yes, the blue genie. 

What about the Magic lamp? How much value does this symbol have? Well, this symbol is the scatter one. This symbol lands mostly on the reels 1, 3 and 5 (but only in the primary game). What does that mean? Well, this means that your golden chance has arrived. You can land the magic lamp on anyone of such reels, you will get a bonus feature. 

3 Genies Wishes Bonus Feature

Hey, Wait! This game is not just for the winners. Yes! You can get some special gifts as well. These includes: 

  • You will get free spin. These can be 6 or 10 in different ways like sticky wilds or the free spins. 
  • If you win small, you will get chance to bet with the total stakes 
  • And, if you win big, then get ready to have your stakes  doubled or even 500 times. You never know! 

Ok! If you are the one who can free spin with raining wilds, you will be able to have 10 new spins but if you are using the Sticky Wilds, then you will receive the random wilds with six sons. But! But! But! You will not be able to do the additional spins ever. 


The fantasy tale of aladdin was an awesome story that triggered all in the childhood days. Agreed? These games can give the same feeling and you might feel nostalgic. Yes, you will! You can give this game a try and let the genie be there to make your wishes come true.

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