Why Should Athletes Take Herbal Medicine?

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Herbal medication has been in existence since time immemorial. Even before the invention of modern medicine, humans always found a way of treating and managing specific conditions using herbal preparations. It is still believed that some of the concoctions and remedies used back in the day are beneficial even today. They help users deal with stubborn ailments that would otherwise be problematic to sort. But is it right for athletes to take herbal medication? Well, there is no right or wrong answer to this. Instead, one needs to ask themselves why this is an issue in the first place and if the herbal medication can be of help in any way. This is exactly what this article attempts to explore below. 

A Place for Herbal Medication in Sports

The diverse world of sports can be fascinating to be a part of. Athletes and sportspeople tend to suffer various types of injuries ranging from minor to complex issues. Some of these problems can be managed without a doctor’s intervention, while others may require hospitalization. Even so, the side effects of regular and hard training include muscle pains and soreness. Therefore, they need to have a remedy that can ease the pain and support continued athletic activities. 

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Conventional painkillers can have harmful side effects and, therefore, should be avoided at all costs. Does this mean that herbal medications and formulations are the way to go? Before rushing to buy the best quality red maeng da kratom from the nearest herbal shop near you or even ordering it online, it is essential to have a list of pros and cons that you can refer to. A general understanding of herbal medication and its impact will help you decide as a sportsman or athlete. You can also check the review of yellow vein kratom to get the high-quality strains.

What is the herbal Appeal n the Sporting Arena?

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The interest in herbal medicine among athletes and other sportsmen results from the efficiency of these herbal formulations. Most athletes find the herbal remedies more effective on their injuries compared to what they have used before. What’s more, the sporting community registers improved performance after using herbal remedies. 

Supplements such as the popular ginseng and echinacea have gained a lot of popularity in the sporting world. These are legally available and can be bought over the counter. However, some herbal supplements such as ephedra/ ma huang are illegal. Therefore, it is essential to check out what the sports regulatory agencies in your country list as illegal before consuming a product. Remember that ignorance is not an excuse when you are being penalized. Avoid herbal supplements that will get you registered as a sports personality or punished in such a way that puts your career in jeopardy.

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Be careful about using supplements that may give you an unfair advantage over others. This may be considered doping and could put your career at risk. When using herbs as a form of treatment or as a performance enhancer, the safest thing to do is to confirm with the relevant authorities that the specific herb you intend to use is acceptable. While most of these supplements may be sold with the approval of the FDA, they may be considered illegal in the sporting world. It is better to be diligent than sorry.

So, Which Herbal Products are Cleared for Athletes?

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Well, there is no clear-cut list with all the herbs that sportsmen can use. However, there may be a guide stipulating the ingredients to avoid if you are a practicing sportsman. However, the exact extent of herbal use among athletes is not well known. There has not been sufficient research in this sector yet. The few research and surveys on athletes’ use of supplements tend to relegate the herbal supplements meaning that there is not much information on them. 

Most of these investigative studies categorize herbal supplements as other. This categorization often ends with the herbal supplements used in the study not being mentioned; hence, it is difficult to draw meaningful conclusions from such studies. However, in the US, it is said that between 7 to 60 percent of athletes use herbs as supplements. However, these figures cut across different surveys and studies hence the vast difference. Either way, it is safe to assume that most athletes and sportsmen at one point in time consider herbal supplements as a solution in their careers. 

Popular Herbs and Why They are Chosen

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Once we have established that herbal supplements are a significant choice for athletes, the next step is to figure out the most common herbal supplements chosen by these athletes. Many sportsmen go for the performance-enhancing and energy-boosting categories. These are the likes of the arctic root, ginseng, and Ephedra, which are known to help with endurance and strength, traits that all athletes need to perform better. 

Other common herbs to consider include caltrop, which is perfect for strength boosting. Besides endurance, ginseng and Ephedra, together with a  different herb known as guarana, are great for nervous system stimulation, contributing to any active athlete’s overall performance and wellness. 

To excel, these sportsmen also require immune-boosting herbs. Leading on this list are elderberry, echinacea, and milk vetch. More herbs that tend to affect the steroidal pathways include sarsaparilla, caltrop, and soy. 

Metabolic boosting herbs are preferred by many sportsmen too. Any herbal product that has the potential to make an athlete perform better is welcomed. Always read the ingredients in the supplement package and also focus on the characteristics of the herbs therein. It helps to know the potential of each herb and how it can improve your athletic abilities before consuming it. Even more important, ensure that the herb’s ingredients are compatible with the regulations to avoid any doping accusation that could jeopardize your sporting career.

Final Thoughts

There are fantastic herbal formulations and supplements available in the market. Athletes can benefit immensely just by using these herbal supplements correctly. However, there is a catch. It is essential to use these herbs as directed and stick to stipulated dosages. Many athletes have been tempted to use more than is recommended to hope that nothing will go wrong since these are herbs. Unfortunately, even with herbs, an excess of them can be detrimental to your health. What started as a good thing can quickly turn into a nightmare. Before including any herbal supplement in your diet, make sure to research extensively about it and understand the side effects and gains equally. Only this way will you make the best choice as an athlete and still protect your career. 

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