All You Need To Know About Root Canal Infection & Treatment

Root Canal Infection Treatment

We are unique and very complex creatures and our teeth are connected to the jawbone via channels that contain pulp, which feeds the teeth and this root canal can become infected. Every dentist would be trained on how to carry out root canal treatment, which requires several steps, usually starting with X-Ray images that help the dentist to see any pulp infection.


Gum Condition

It is very often the case where root canal infection cause swelling, which can be very painful to the touch and should you experience swollen gums, make an emergency appointment with your dentist, as this is likely to be an infection that spreads to the root canal. A slight cut on the gums can see the onset of gum infection and if not treated, will result in swollen gums and a visit to the dentist is imminent.


The most obvious symptom is toothache, caused by the sensitive tooth pulp coming into contact with bacteria. If you are suffering with toothache, book an appointment with one of the Lane Cove dentists or your local dentist and let the professional investigate. As a general rule, pain is nature’s way of telling you that something is not right and it should not be ignored, even slight toothache should be investigated further, as it might reveal a root canal infection.

Bad Breath

Unpleasant mouth odour can be a sign of a root canal infection and we are often the last person to know this, which can be more than a little embarrassing. If you have been eating garlic and onions, your breath will be pungent, yet do the blow-on-the-palm technique to find out if you have unpleasant breath odour. If it persists, this is the time to see your dentist, who can discover the root cause and recommend effective treatment. There is a connection with diet and unpleasant breath, so you must take that into account. When you realise you have bad breath, make an appointment to see the dentist. There could be a connection with bad breath and diabetes, so book an appointment to be safe.

Teeth Discolouration

This can also be a sign that you need root canal treatment. A single tooth might suddenly start turning a darker colour and should you notice any difference in colour, make an appointment with your local dentist and let them get to the bottom of the issue.


This is often the only way to save a tooth. The dentist drills into the root of the tooth, cleans out the root canal and prepares it for a special filling. When root canal treatment is recommended, the dentist would explain the several processes and schedule the first appointment when the infected pulp would be removed and the canal is cleaned and prepared for a special filling material. When the treatment is complete, the dentist would wish to see you 2 weeks after to check that all is well.

Many people undergo root canal treatment, which can save a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted and every dentist would be more than capable of such treatment.


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