Choosing the Best Washer and Dryer for Laundry Services

best washer and dryer

Laundry services are a service that washes, dry, and irons out clothes for people who are needing such. These services are essential especially if there is plenty of clothes needed to be cleaned. Laundry services are capable of cleaning clothes in bulk. So, if a person needs to clean a lot of clothes, it is best to let laundry services do the job.

Setting up a laundry business is challenging. If you are venturing into this kind of service, then there are a few things you need to look into, especially in choosing the best washer and dryer.

Choosing the Correct One

The first challenge of setting up a laundry service is to choose the correct machines. Washing Machines come in different sizes and two different types. Size is the most important one. In doing laundry services, it is best to choose washing machines that are built for commercial use.

These machines are capable of doing heavy-duty work, this includes bulk cleaning and consecutive cleaning. Some machines, especially those that are not built for commercial use cannot handle non-stop heavy-duty work.

Top-Load or Front-Load Machines

As mentioned above, there are two different types of washing machines, top-load, and front-load machines. Top-Load machines are the oldest, this type of machine has its hatch located on the top, this way you will be loading your clothes on the top. With top-load machines, you can add clothes in the middle of a cycle. However, the downside of this type is that it usually has a lower capacity.

Front-load machines on the other hand are the most commonly sought after and used machines today. This type of washer has its hatch located on the front. Unlike a top-load machine, you cannot add clothes in the middle of a cycle. Front-load machines have more advantages. Compared to top-load washers, this type of washer is considered to be more efficient.

Researching for the Optimal Brand

One of the easiest ways of choosing a laundry machine is getting to know the available brands in the market. If there are showrooms near you, it is best to go and check them out personally. The internet is also a great way of looking for great brands especially if you want to contact its manufacturer. Here are some of the considered best brands when it comes to commercial laundry machines:

  • Maytag – an American company that has been established providing laundry machines since 1893.  Maytag washers are built to be sustainable and tough making their washers reliable and easy to maintain.
  • Speed Queen – this company is a veteran in producing commercial washers. They are known to provide washers with advanced technology and have a continued mission in achieving “effortless laundry”.
  • Whirlpool – this brand has been around since 1911. Whirlpool is the most well-known and trusted laundry brand. The innovative work of whirlpool paved the way for efficient and sustainable washers. 

These three brands are only a few of the available commercial laundry machines in the market. Some brands may come at a hefty price but it is worth noting that they cost more because they offer more features and reliability. These few tips are worth noting when choosing the best laundry machines, always remember to choose the correct type, size, and know the brand you are looking for.


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