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What Is A Co- Working Space?

In the simplest terms, a co-working space is an office that anyone can lease on a monthly basis. They’re often called “co-working spaces” because people from all walks of life with different skill sets come together to work at them – there’s no boss or singular industry defining what goes on within the parameters of the work. They feature an open floor plan for teams to construct their own layouts and lots of perks like free coffee, conference rooms, mailboxes, printing, etc.

When it comes to designing a good co-working space everyone has a different opinion and this is because they are so different. But in my opinion the most important aspect of any office is the access to information. If there is nowhere to find what you want then you are not going to be very successful.

10 Things That You Need To Consider In  Your Coworking Space.

Space -The first thing that you need to do is to consider the amount of space that you have. This is the biggest determining factor in what kind of environment you are going to create. It really depends on how much you want to work and where you want to work from. So decide on the amount of space you have available first and then start planning out your co-working space.

Layout -The second most important thing is to consider the layout of the co-working space. This is very important if you are someone who loves to work on the floor or if you like working at an odd angle. If you want to make sure that you can get the job done without much hassle then it is best to layout the entire office around a central point. This will allow you to work with little distraction. Also, you will be able to see everyone without stepping out of your chair. You can also consider a medical room by choosing a bed height, which is comfortable for all. 

No. Of employees -The third most important thing is to determine the layout based on the amount of people that you plan to work with. If you are going to have two people in a shared office then you want it to be set up so that there is plenty of room for them both to work effectively. If you are working in a small coworking space then you might need to rethink your layouts slightly

Division Of Co-Working Space -It is important to create a sense of division within a co-working space. This means that you need to have separate areas for work and play. You should divide the desk area up into areas such as work desks, play desks and other various areas. This will separate the space from each other in such a way that it creates some sort of hierarchy within the co-working space. This helps to separate the workers from one another and it will help to ensure that the work is carried out in an organised fashion.

Roof Height -The ceiling height should be at least 10 feet, because taller people really feel uncomfortable when they have to sit in low-ceilinged spaces.

Making Meeting Rooms Soundproof -Meeting rooms should always be soundproof. In fact, meeting rooms are often used for business meetings and one bad deal can make the other party never want to meet with you or do business with your company ever again.

Having A Variety Of Seating Options -Every person has their preferred type of seating, so having a variety will allow different types of people to work comfortably of seating options. 

Shared Area -When you are first starting out you might need to get a small table to separate your laptop from the rest of the equipment. Over time this will become unnecessary as the number of devices increases. You will need to decide whether you want your laptops on the work desk or if you need them to rest on the floor where they can be easily accessed. This will need to be decided early on so that you do not find yourself with two different computer areas and a gap in between.

Duvet -There are some really great ideas out there, but I can’t honestly say that everything is for everyone. Duvets are used with outer covers, one of my favorites so far. I love the idea because it’s usually cold in an office space, and duvets are not only aesthetically pleasing but incredibly cozy too. Meeting rooms have used this technique with success, booth displays at trade shows use them as well to create a warm and inviting environment without breaking the bank, they’re good now in coworking spaces.

Ventilation Of Light -You should ensure that there is plenty of ventilation and light in the co-working space. This means that you will need to consider where you are going to have the electrical boxes. This is especially important if you have a lot of people who use laptops on a regular basis. With laptops you need to ensure that there is enough power to run them without any problems and in such situations you may well need an electrician to install some of the more modern electrical components.

Comfortable Chairs -The world is filled with thousands of coworking spaces, and not all of them are easy on the eyes. If you would like to set yourself apart from the competition, I recommend one or two really comfy chairs- they don’t have to be fancy but they should be big enough for at least 2 people to comfortably sit in them side by side. They’re also great for brainstorming sessions; some office furniture companies even offer business memberships that include access to “brainstorm rooms.”

A Video Monitor -It might sound like overkill, but what’s better than an idle TV screen? Video monitors can work wonders for immersive meetings between business members who are on opposite sides of the world.

Have A Standing Desk Station -Set up where meetings or group discussions happen. Stand up meetings often create a more energized work environment and involve more physical gestures, which stimulates creativity and enhances memory. Allows us to schedule meetings with people that have different preferences for sitting or standing positions. 


A great coworking space has natural light, areas for collaboration and individual work, a kitchen with coffee bar, ample meeting rooms, plenty of seating for break times or to meet one-on-one. When designing your own office space or looking to invest in an existing building that needs some renovations before it can be used as a coworking facility, consider these design ideas. 


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