6 Best HR Tech Tools for Businesses


The workforce is the heart of a business and human resources are responsible for hiring new talent, processing staff payroll, organizing benefits, and evaluating performance. It’s a department with many responsibilities, which of course means it’s time-consuming. Fortunately, though, there are ways to help streamline these tasks. With the right HR software, the business’s HR department will run much smoother. Not sure which ones to use? Here are the six best tech tools for businesses. 

1: Application Tracking Software

Application Tracking Software is a tool that allows you to recruit more experienced, diverse employees into the company. Using automation makes this process simpler and quicker, as it sifts through resumes and even schedules job interviews. When you have so many applicants to look at and job descriptions to post, it’s a necessary investment. 

2: Onboarding Software 

Onboarding is a process that can either take a lot of time and dishearten your new team member, or happen quickly and efficiently, allowing the new hire to get settled in without piles of documents to go through during their first week. With onboarding software, you can automate many of the onboarding processes, including document signing, taxes, and benefits. Plus, onboarding software increases accuracy, ensuring one small mistake doesn’t spell big trouble down the line. 

3: Payroll Automation 

Payroll needs to be both accurate and time-efficient, something that’s hard to achieve with a person. Human error is common even in the most intelligent people, after all. That’s why payroll automation is a must for businesses. It ensures that everyone is paid the correct amount on time, and even takes taxes, benefits and holidays into account. 

4: Performance Management Tools 

It is crucial to keep track of staff performance. You need to know if someone is struggling or overperforming and perhaps deserves praise, reward, or even a promotion. In a large business, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone’s work, which is why performance management tools are so handy. It helps provide accurate feedback, promote and fire for only the right reasons, and motivate employees to work harder.  

5: Benefits Systems 

Another great HR tool for companies is a benefits system. Benefits can be a challenge to manage, especially when they change for each individual, and you need to keep track of them. With benefits software systems, you can organize staff benefits in a much more efficient and flexible manner. 

6: Scheduling Software  

The last HR tool you should consider is scheduling software. It is crucial for improving productivity in the workplace, as it gives staff a schedule that they must adhere to, ensuring every day and every hour is spent toward success. Manually scheduling the week can be a lengthy process, so by using this software, the business will save time and run more efficiently overall. 

The right HR software will save the company time, money, and greatly increase accuracy. So be sure to consider using these six and watch the HR department’s productivity rise.


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