Chronic Pain and Movement – Keeping Up the Habit

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Some people don’t have difficulty finding time to exercise, as they think the movement is fun and enjoyable. But for many, it’s a chore.

Plenty of people without pain struggle to commit time to move their bodies due to the demands on their time and energy.

If you struggle to make time to move, that’s ok. Keep experimenting until you discover something that works for you in your life.

You don’t have to enjoy it, the fact that it is doing you well may be enough, although it will probably help if you find something you like!

You could also think of it as hygiene, something that needs to be done to look after yourself.   

You brush your teeth regularly to keep them in working order for when you need them.

You don’t have to enjoy it, you can even get away with missing a morning or night, but you can’t do that for too long before you start getting small problems, which turn into bigger problems.

The longer that goes on, the tougher it is to change.

It’s the same with movement. Find something you can commit to and you might actually feel better for doing it and may feel worse if you don’t.

If it’s been a while, remember, even the smallest amount of movement can be beneficial, and a back specialist can help to build a habit that can make it easier for you to do the activities by Pain Management Clinic that matter in your life. You can build this up a single minute at a time!

Being flexible with how you approach physical activities can make all the difference when maintaining and improving movement.

Looking after your health is not something you can achieve, it’s a continuous practice.

When Things Don’t Go to Plan

Life doesn’t always go according to our plans.

With all the best intentions in the world, there are going to be times when you don’t think you have the time or energy to move your body.

This is where having a plan for these more difficult times can be helpful.

It’s not negative to think about things that will get in the way when we try to make changes. It can actually be a really useful skill that can prepare you to be able to manage your pain in different situations.   

There will be times when your pain gets worse. The passengers of stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, and overwhelm can also get in the way of making changes.

Having a plan for how you’re going to move your body, even on difficult days, will give you the best chance of forming and maintaining this habit.

Prioritise the movement habits you want, even if you’re only doing one small thing a day.   

Depending on your current capabilities, this could be sitting up in bed for a few minutes, walking around a table, or adding some of your physiotherapy practice.

This is using a “No Zero Days” approach to prioritize your health and manage your pain.   

When trying a movement, you haven’t done in a while, you may experience some pain as you exert yourself.

DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is a short-term pain associated with exercise. It may be felt strongly 1-3 days after moving in a new way, but you may feel aches for 3-7 days afterward.

It’s important to notice this difference between DOMS-related pain and flare-up pain. They can mean very different things, but it can be really hard to tell the difference.

Knowing how your pain and usual symptoms respond in different situations can improve your understanding of your condition and develop your confidence.

DOMS has been reported by many people living with long-term pain and is something that you can prepare for. Be reassured this is a sign your body is adapting to a challenging movement.

For some people, this pain is easier to deal with because they know the cause, and it feels like it has a reason.

DOMS-related pain benefits from gentle movement, even though it’s hard to get moving after rest. It generally reduces and then disappears with each time you practice a new movement.   

This expertise and understanding of your body and symptoms come with time, practice, and gentle exploration.

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