English Moments for class 9 – NCERT Book Available Online


We all know that having sound knowledge of English is becoming more important by the day both for written and oral communications. Also, the language holds a significant value in the Board Examinations. As such, having a deep understanding of the subject is a requisite for all students. 

NCERT Books Now Available Online

If you want access to the Class 9 English Moments NCERT Book? Want to have a command of English? What is better than practice through NCERT Books? Most of you might not get the hard copy of NCERT Solutions but no worries now. With the availability of NCERT Books online for all examinations preparation, your stress has become much less. 

Many of the online websites provide a complete guide to the NCERT Books and Solutions in PDF forms. You can easily download the course material from any of the websites and can study online too. These sites also give free English Beehive NCERT Book PDF and a huge amount of study material for other subjects and all classes. 

Solution for each Chapter

The online websites provide you with the solution in PDF form for each chapter. A detailed analysis of every topic is available with accurate solutions. All you need is to look for the best source to get the material. Here are some key points that you should consider before downloading the solution:

  • The website should have an experienced subject expert who gives the solution.
  • The answers should be easy to understand and in simple language.
  • The Solutions should be based on the guidelines given by the Board for Examinations.
  • You should reach out to the experts when needed.
  • It should give in-depth knowledge of the subject. 

Chapters in the Book

The English Moments consist of a total of ten chapters and solutions for each chapter can be accessed individually. Below is a brief description of the chapters in the Textbook:

The Lost Child

This is the first chapter of the book that covers the story of a child who visits a fair with his parents. The child does not accept sweets and toys from someone else when his parents are not able to give them. This point builds several questions in the reader’s mind and all of them are available in the book for practice. 

The Adventures of Toto

This is a story about pet monkey Toto, written beautifully by Ruskin Bond. The pet, Toto, has mischievous behaviour and all the questions at the end of the chapter will help you get detailed knowledge of this story.

Iswaran The Storyteller

Iswaran- The Storyteller has a great skill of storytelling and in this chapter, R.K. Laxman has portrayed the character very well. 

The important characteristic of Iswaran is his way of telling the story which includes the special effects of voice and body language that make it realistic.

In the Kingdom of Fools

The Story in this chapter is a Kannada Folktale. It tells about the kingdom that is owned by a foolish king. The topic itself makes the story interesting for the reader and you will enjoy doing the solutions of this chapter.

The Happy Prince

This story covers the journey of a Prince. After his death, he understands the misery of his people. The solutions of the chapter will help you have worthwhile knowledge at the end.

Weathering the Storm in Ersama

Written by Harsh Mander, the story is about a storm. Based on the background of the town, Ersama of Orissa in 1999, it covers the severity of the storm, the damage caused when it hit the place. A young boy, Prashant helped out the villagers in this difficult situation. 

After practising the questions from this chapter, you will be able to prepare for the examinations more easily.

The Last Leaf

It is a heart-touching story of a patient- Johnsy. She is suffering from pneumonia. The misery of her illness makes her believe that she will die once the ivy vine at her window sheds its last leaf.

A House is Not a Home

The story is the eighth chapter of the book. It depicts the reality of life. It depicts how love, care, and affection in a family make it Home. The building of bricks is only a House and it’s the values inside the people living, makes the house of sand – a home.

By the end of the chapter, you will come to know about the emotional values attached to the story and gain practice through questions.

The Accidental Tourist

This story is written by Bill Bryson, who has highlighted why you should keep elegance and manners while travelling. He shows why it is important to keep in mind the dignity of travelling. 

The comprehension story and questions at the back will let you have a deeper knowledge of the chapter.

The Beggar

It is a wonderful story by Anton Chekhov, who tells how kindness is easy to grasp. It reflects through the inner mind of a person who acknowledged the events that took place in his life. Through this process, he learns why he should stop begging and start living a life of peace and happiness. 

All these Chapters and Questions related to each topic can be downloaded online. These textbooks and solutions help any student to learn effectively for the examinations. 

What you gain 

The online NCERT textbooks and solutions help students to practice easily for the important examinations. These also make them understand the concept clearly so they could answer even a trick question. Students can get access to the material anywhere and anytime. This is not time or place bound. You don’t need to go and buy solutions for practice now. They can be delivered to your home, free of cost. 

These online sites have a variety of books for different classes, covering the entire syllabus. Any subject book can be downloaded from the sites. You should not leave this opportunity and try to get the material as soon as possible. All the Best! 


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