How to begin the preparation for NEET 2022?


When a child starts seeming passionate about being a Doctor, the parents know that it is going to be a struggle for senior secondary school life. The parents know that the child is going to put in all his hard work to make the goal come true. They provide the child with all the necessary sources so that the child does not lag in any way.

The NEET exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) every year. It is a national-level medical entrance examination conducted every year for the students to get admission to the MBBS, BDS, AYUSH, BVSc, and AH degrees in medical colleges. It is one of the toughest examinations which determine how much a student is dedicated and hardworking towards making a career in medicine. Students who wish to go into the world of Medicine are needed to appear for the NEET exam.

What makes NEET one of the most competitive exams in the country is the limited seats available in medical colleges. Every year Lakhs of students give the exam and only a few thousand of them get into MBBS colleges. Everyone above 17 years of age is eligible for giving the exam and the upper age limit is not yet decided. In such a scenario every year 2-3 Lakhs students get added to the ongoing competition. 

To survive this neck to neck competition, the students need to be fully prepared to crack the exam and achieve their goals. 

Preparation tips for NEET 2022 Preparation

Understand the syllabus and exam pattern for the entrance exam of NEET 2022

  • To clear any exam, it is very important to understand the paper pattern, observe the trends and prepare accordingly. Getting to know the syllabus is very important to understand how to study and shaping the preparation to ace the exam. The Neet exam paper has 180 questions in total. The number of questions is divided into three categories: biology, chemistry, and physics. 
  • The biology section has 90 questions and chemistry and physics have 45 questions for each of them. 
  • A student gets four marks for the correct answer and one mark is deducted for the wrong answer. 
  • The paper is for 720 marks in total.
  • The target of scoring at least 650 marks out of the 720 marks lands you in a secure position. 

Knowing the syllabus of NEET exam

After understanding the paper pattern it’s very important to know the Syllabus of NTA Neet

Important topics for Physics are electrostatics, kinematics, current electricity, magnetic effects of current and magnetism, electromagnetic induction and alternating current, optics, dual nature of matter and radiation, semiconductors, thermodynamics, motion of the system of particles, etc. 

Important topics for chemistry are solutions, p block elements, d block, and f block elements, coordination compounds, organic chemistry, equilibrium, thermodynamics, chemical bonding, and molecular structure, etc. 

Important topics for biology diversity of living organisms, cell structure, and function, human physiology, plant physiology, etc. 

Begin the preparation 

  • Check the syllabus of the exam and mark topics that lie in your strong areas. 
  • Start by putting a download list about the topics which you don’t know at all. 
  • Prepare a topic-wise list for all the subjects according to the weightage given to each topic. Sort out the topics of the high weightage to be covered first. 
  • Fix a daily schedule allocating time that is most suitable for you, for all the sections of the paper. 
  • Read NCERT thoroughly and highlight the important facts and use the sticky notes for attaching some titbits of information. 
  • For biology, learn the diagrams by heart to understand the topic. Diagrams are very important for biology and are asked from the book itself. 
  • For chemistry practice the diagrams and learn the chemical equations and reactions. 
  • For Physics, solve many different questions. Create a formula sheet for all the chapters. Create a question bank for all the questions which are important and have a higher probability to be asked in the exam. 

Some important books for the preparation

  1. For Physics one May refer to concepts of physics by HC Verma, objective Physics by DC Pandey, Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday Resnick and Walker, Physics by Pradeep, etc. 
  2. For Chemistry man Mere FIR abc of chemistry for class 11th and 12th by modern publication, concise Chemistry by JD Lee, Dinesh chemistry guide, etc. 
  3. For Biology one may refer to Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman, Objective Biology by Dinesh, Pradeep guide on biology, etc.

Some additional tips 

  • Use the Pomodoro technique for better concentration and sit for a time frame of one or two hours at one time. 
  • Take Proper breaks between the preparation time and utilize them. Do something productive in that time. 
  • Cover the NCERT thoroughly because mostly the questions come directly from the NCERT. 
  • Note that Neet is all about concentrating on your basics. Complex problems require the basics to be cleared. Don’t miss any topic and jump to the topics from here and there because some topics are interrelated. 
  • Keep revising the 11th class syllabus because they are the basic concepts for the 12th class syllabus. 
  • Self-study is a must. The self-study provides a better understanding than the coaching classes and school classes together. 
  • Take mock tests regularly to ensure that your test scores are improving and try to work for the same.
  • Revise the questions which are not solved by you in one go. 
  • Take proper sleep. Do not sleep for less than 7 to 8 hours. The body also needs to be refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Understand that revision is the key.  Revise the syllabus 6 to 8 times to ensure that you are good to go for the exam. 
  • Try to stay healthy in this pandemic time. Take good food and stay hydrated. 
  • Avoid stress. Mental health is very important. 
  • Don’t worry too much. Getting anxious will increase the anxiety and make you very uncertain about how things will happen. Stop taking unnecessary stress because it will hamper the preparation process. 


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