Top questions to include in your socio-demographic surveys


Socio demographics surveys are key to finding out more about your current customer base – who are they, where do they come from, and why are they choosing your business vs. the competition? By learning more about their age, background, ethnicity, marital status, and education level, you can find out more insights about your target market and then tailor your advertising and marketing strategies to complete your customer profile! 

But how can you get the right information from your surveys? By including the right socio-demographics question on your surveys, you can find out more about the people that are interacting with your business and filling out the questionnaires. After all, the people who fill out this information are providing you with an accurate portrayal of your customer profile and the buyer personas – when do they like to shop, when do they interact with your American campaigns, and how do they interact with your business as a whole? Learn more on how to conduct these surveys online.

Let’s find out if any questions MUST include on your upcoming socio-demographics surveys!


One of the most important questions to ask on your socio-demographics surveys is the gender of the person willing to respond. Even though gender can be a very sensitive topic in the world nowadays, it can still give you an idea of who is filling out your survey. Is the response mainly filled by women? If so, then you should tailor your content to this specific subgroup. If you find that the majority of people who are filling out your survey do not identify as one of the two previously-used genders of male and female, this can also provide you with valuable insights into your business!


The next aspect to include on your socio-demographics surveys is the age – this provides you with a great idea of who is filling out your survey, how they are seeing your business’ promotional ads (since older people may use newspapers and magazines vs. young people using social media), and the age range you should tailor your content towards.


The next question to include is the ethnicity of the people responding to your surveys – this can provide you with information ingrained in the respondents’ cultures and their background. 


Finding out where people live is key to seeing where your marketing efforts are reaching and where they are falling flat. Do you find that nearly every single person who is responding to your survey is from North America? If so, consider using more global tactics to include others from various countries around the world. 


Although this might be considered offensive, it depends on the way that you word the question. Make sure you ask about the person’s education to only get an idea of what the job that they may be in now or have done in the past – if you find that the majority of your respondents have not graduated from high school, then you can statistically assume that the majority of your customers are working in manual labor and hands-on jobs that do not require college diplomas.


Finding out more about your target market and ideal customer is key to being able to tailor your content towards those who are answering your surveys and interacting with your business! 


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