Qualities to Look for When Buying Leather Sectional Sofas


Sectional leather sofas come in two or more pieces and styles and can be arranged in different ways. The number of pieces and shapes depends on the brand though most of the basic building blocks look similar. Some come with leather upholstery and a padded ottoman, which supports your feet when reclined, while others have headrests and lumbar pillows as part of the deal.  Below we explore key qualities to look for when buying leather sectional sofas:

Room Size and Layout

Leather sectional sofas don’t come cheap, so you don’t want to gamble with specifications. You do not want to make a purchase only to find your room is too small for the seats or the layout does not match the shape of your house. Making a return or exchange may compromise many things since they may not have any sectionals that fit your space better. You can take a few measurements, photos, and videos before visiting the showroom for purchase. Work with the attendant to ensure you leave with the right seat.

Practicality and Movement 

Always ensure the sofa is practical in that it’s easy to move the single sections with ease. If you live in an apartment, work to see more sectional sofas that can easily fit the entry doors. You also want to choose sectionals that are easy to move in case you live on the upper floors. They should not be too bulky.  Size and weight play a key role in such movements.

Leather Sectional Sofas Should be of Quality Leather

There are various leather fabrics options available for people with different budgets, tastes, and preferences. The quality varies depending on the leather type. They range from natural fibers to grain leather and sturdy fiber blends. Always go for the highest quality, which will serve you for years to come, especially if cost is not a hindrance.

Go for Functionality

Choose leather sectional sofas depending on how you intend to use them. There are sofas designed for high-traffic rooms, and in this case, the colors are darker. The same applies to formal rooms where colors are a bit modest. If your house has pets and small children, opt for a material that you can wash with soap and water. Your leather sectionals will have scratches and bites if you have pets and if they are quite young and untrained. In this case, go for a lower grade option and upgrade once your children are older, and the pets are trained.

Cost and Key Features

Prices differ depending on the material quality, number of sectionals, additional features, and accessories.  You need to decide whether you need recliners or stationary seats. Recliners are more expensive since they offer more comfort.  

You may opt for one with a retractable footrest, a cup holder, and storage pockets. These do not only provide extra comfort but also portray your sense of style and style.

Storage is key for magazines, remotes, phones, and other items that need to be in the living room area. A footrest helps you relax after a long day. Do not compromise on these comfort features if the budget is not a hindrance. However, if you are short of funds, you may opt for plain sectionals. As long as they provide comfortable seating.

Style and Design

Sectional leather sofas come in different styles, designs, and colors. Modern styles come stuffed with many cushions and mostly incorporate bright colors, including creams and off whites. Traditional sectionals on the other hand are mostly dark-colored. Go for the sofa that reflects who you are.

A sectional leather sofa makes a statement about who you are, hence the need to figure out various quality features before purchase. With the above qualities, you should be able to purchase the sectional leather sofa of your dream.


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