All You Need To Know About Eyelash Extension Courses


In this progressive world, beauty is power. New technology and devices help one accentuate their best features. They say that one’s eyes are the windows to their soul, and everyone loves defining this feature. Eyelashes have become all the craze, and almost every salon tries to offer extension services. These extensions contribute to approximately 10% of the beauty industry’s value. This statistic highlights how much an eyelash extension course can add to a beautician’s value. However, as with any process, learning something new can be daunting. Read on to understand what eyelash extension courses offer and why the industry loves eyelash extensions. 

Eyelash Extensions

The eyelash extension procedure takes about an hour to carry out. First, the beauty professional cleans and preps one’s natural eyelashes. After this, the beautician dips individual false lashes into eye-safe adhesive before attaching them. This adhesive stays in place for 4-6 weeks. 

Why do People choose Eyelash Extensions over Falsies?


Eyelash extensions provide a long-term solution for the perfect eyelashes. With false eyelashes, one has to worry about removal and repetitive application. 

Hassle-Free Solution

With false eyelashes, one has to look for the perfect pair. Learning how to apply them flawlessly also takes time and practice. This aspect doesn’t appeal to many consumers. On the other hand, eyelash extensions come with a guaranteed flawless application, and one doesn’t need to worry about application, removal, or purchasing the right pair. 

Natural Finish

Since eyelash extensions use individual lashes, there is more precision in application. The natural distribution of eyelashes gives one a more natural finish. 


While purchasing eyelash glues, one needs to stay cautious about harmful chemicals and allergens. However, eyelash extension uses quality lashes, safe and hypoallergenic glue. 


In comparison to false eyelashes, eyelash extensions are easy to maintain. Over 60% of all false eyelashes do not receive adequate cleaning. This hygiene concern may seem trivial, but regular use of such eyelashes can result in severe eye infections

What do Eyelash Extension Courses offer?

Safe Application

The eyes are the most delicate area that beauty procedures manage. Teaching one the safe application of these eyelash extensions is the priority of an eyelash extension course. Courses use theoretical and practical methods to impart this knowledge.

Shape and Distribution

Every client has a specific eye shape. These extension courses cover the different eye shapes and explain what distribution method best compliments each eye shape. 

Helping a client look their best with eyelash extensions is the goal of every beautician, and these courses offer that. 

Hygiene standards and practices

Over 20% of all eye infections are a result of indirect contact. This statistic highlights the necessity of safe and hygienic standards in the beauty industry. As a reflection, Courses cover basic rules such as cleaning equipment and hands before and after the procedure. 

How does an Eyelash Extension Course add to your value as a Beautician? 

In the beauty industry, mistakes and accidents bear expensive consequences. Certification increases your value and the value you bring to a salon. In addition, completing an eyelash extension course also increases client trust, which brings in more business. 

A client remains reassured that you uphold hygienic and safe standards. They also receive the benefit of the knowledge you gain from these courses. By providing a beautiful and safe eyelash extension procedure, you can increase your client pool and justify your prices.


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