You Must Try These Home Remedies For Rodent Control

Home Remedies

Rodents are unwelcoming visitors to your house. In addition to being creepy, they carry several disease-causing factors. Rodents are carriers of several viruses including (hantavirus) and bacterias (salmonella). Moreover, rodents are destructive; they chew up wires, tear clothes, and more. 

When you have a rodent infestation in your house, it is essential to figure out how to get rid of them. One way of getting rid of rodents is to contact Stride Pest Control. Pest specialists can give a quick and effective treatment. However, you can also try to get rid of pests on your own by using the following home remedies. 

1. Peppermint oil.

Rodents dislike the fragrance of peppermint oil. The rodents will move away from your home by spraying peppermint oil all over the house.

2. Plaster of Paris and cocoa powder.

Mixing one tablespoon of cocoa powder with POP (plaster of Paris) and sprinkling it near the rodent area will help kill them. Cocoa powder attracts rodents. And as soon as a rodent eats the mixture mentioned above, they get dehydrated and feel suffocated. However, to save themselves from suffocation and dehydration, these rodents will move out of your home and die.

3. Pepper flakes.

Pepper flakes keep the rodents away. Sprinkling hot pepper flakes in the area where rodents are present will force them to move away from the house as pepper flakes produce irritation in their nasal passage, which causes discomfort.

4. Ammonia spray.

Placing a homemade ammonia cotton ball near the hole or shelter of a rodent can help you get rid of them. As ammonia irritates their nasal passage and the pungent smell of the ammonia makes them run away from the house.

5. Bay leaves.

The fragrance of bay leaves will attract rodents, and they might think it is food. Placing bay leaves near their holes or places where rodents are present will force a rodent to eat the bay leaves. Upon eating, the leaves will choke the rodent and kill them. 

6. Garlic.

Rodents strongly dislike the smell of the garlic. Preparing water with chopped garlic and sprinkling it all over the house will make them run away from home.

7. Traps.

It is an old method of capturing rodents by placing traps inside the house. A trap consists of a cage and a bait. Bait could be any food item like chocolate, bacon, or peanut butter. The bait will attract the rodent towards the cage, and once a rodent enters the cage, the cage closes, and the rodent gets trapped. 

8. Onions.

The pungent smell of onion will irritate their nasal passage. Placing onions near their shelters or holes irritates them and forces them to run away. 

In some cases, home remedies may not be effective, or the effect may be temporary, and the rodent may re-infest your house. In such cases, a professional pest control service can help you deal with the situation and give you a permanent cure.


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