3 Crucial Steps for Carport Maintenance You Must Keep In Mind


Having a carport allows you to provide all-out protection for your vehicle. It will shield your car from extreme weather conditions. But like all parts of the house, homeowners must also remember to keep this area clean and well-maintained. Carports must remain durable to ensure that they can keep the vehicle safe while parked at home. 

Maintaining your carport does not have to be very challenging. Here are several tips to remember to ensure that this part of your home will be in tiptop shape for a long time. 

Tip #1: Keep the Carport Clean

While cleaning the carport seemed like a simple errand, some households neglected this responsibility. Most people believe that garages and carports do not need extensive cleaning since not all people visit this area. 

Still, you need to clean this part of the house regularly to avoid permanent damages in the long run. Carports must be cleared from debris by sweeping the floor and getting rid of birds’ nests or cobwebs. You might need to use a pressure washer to cleanse the structure from dirt and grime. By doing routine cleaning, it will be easier for you to spot any damages so you can do all the necessary repairs. 

Tip #2: Do Regular Roof Inspection

Roofs are known as an integral part of a structure, so you must always exert an effort to keep it clean and properly maintained to preserve its condition. You must find the time to visit the roof of your carport to check for foreign objects and other impurities. 

Remember, broken branches may damage the roof because of its weight. Leaves and other rubbish may also collect water. Depending on the material used in creating your carport, excess water may cause mould buildup or sag the affected portion. 

Once the mould affects the roof, it will eventually damage the carport’s structural integrity and rapidly spread all over the surface. So always spend some time checking your carport’s roof regularly. 

Tip #3: Do Necessary Repairs Promptly 

As soon as you spot any big or small damages in your carport, you must have it repaired. Professionally installed carports can last for years without replacement. But you may still notice several minor cracks that may compromise its structural integrity once in a while. 

If you leave these damages unfixed for a long time, it may prevent you from enjoying the full benefits of a carport for your vehicle. It may also result in immediate carport replacement. If you do not want this costly solution for your problem, you must have all the repairs done immediately. 

Some of the most common carport damages include: 

  • Hail damage – The tiny but solid ice chunks can be one of the biggest threats to your car. Your carport will save you from the possible damages to your car’s roof and hood. However, your carport is often unspared from natural disasters. So after a bad hailstorm, you must check your carport’s roof to see if any holes need patching or portions that you must replace. 
  • Termite Damage – If your carport has a portion made of wood, it might be at risk of termite infestation. These tiny insects eat the wood and create holes that affect the structure’s integrity. You might have to call termite exterminators to fix the problem right away. 
  • Leaning Portion – Your carport may start to sag or lean to one side. It often happens if the soil underneath the foundation loses its moisture and shrink. You must call your contractor immediately to add more support to the foundation to avoid bigger problems in the future. 

Taking care of your carport properly will assure you that your vehicle will remain protected for a very long time. So always practice these tips to prevent any issues in your carport and let you use the area for years to come.


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