4 Secrets To Buy Meat Like A Pro

Meat Like

Some of you might be used to buying meat packed in cellophane from a store or ordering it online. But if you buy meat from a butcher, you might enjoy fresher and tastier meat and make healthier recipes. Here’s the catch, though– you need to know how to buy the meat like an expert. 

So, you must check for the meat’s colour, surface, texture, price, and other features to get yourself quality meat! But, before Googling “Butcher in Canberra“, check out these tips to pick the meat from your local butcher.

Start with the colour and smell. 

The hue of the meat depends on the type you prefer. If you’re looking for red meat, it has to be darker in colour. It can also be a little reddish, brown or purple. 

Additionally, for pork meat, check if the colour is light pink. But note that game meat is generally dark brown. Also, you have to see if the meat has a natural or strong odour, which means the meat is fresh. But if it smells pungent, the meat isn’t of high quality, and you should stay away.

Look at the cut 

It is best to know the name of the cut of meat in any butcher shop before buying it. You can ask the butcher about it for assistance. But if he isn’t helpful, you can start looking for clean cuts. 

This is because meats with clean cuts and uniform size are of better quality than those with jagged edges. This knowledge becomes essential when you are buying poultry meat. As low-quality poultry meat is not always appropriately cut, it can be rough on the edges. 

This means that the butcher didn’t remove the bones and joints from the meat. That’s why it’s best to go for meat with a cleaner cut, even if you have to pay a little more than you planned.

The texture matters 

While looking at the texture, you’ll notice fibres that tell you about the tenderness of the meat. If the piece of meat has many noticeable fibres, it’ll have a tough texture. It will also be incredibly delicious and full of flavour. 

In case you pick beef tenderloin, you’ll see the absence of so many visible fibres. This type of meat will also be softer after cooking and hence tastier.  

You also need to check out the white marks of fat on the meat. The more fat content the meat has, the better will be its flavour. So, you can also ask the butcher to give you meat with more fat. 

Talk to the butcher. 

Besides following these tips, do you still have questions? 

So, why not talk to the expert right before you- the butcher! Ask the professional about the meat’s right cut, texture, smell, shape, fat content and anything related to meat. 

You can also ask for advice on cooking, storing and choosing the right meat for preparation. While discussing all this, you might even get to know about special offers on meat purchases! 

Tip: Try visiting local butchers in Canberra, as they follow ethical processes and utilise the farmland while sourcing the meat. 

Wrapping up

Buying meat in Canberra can be a walk in the park if you know the basics like smell, texture and colour. You might also consider the price, but high-priced items don’t necessarily mean better quality. 

So, take your time while searching for “Butcher in Canberra” for your next BBQ party. The butchers need to source the meat locally using safe practices. That’s the only way to receive delicious and healthy meat.


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