Help Customers Sleep like a Baby with Private Label CBD Chocolates


Do you have customers coming to your store and asking for CBD products? The rate at which CBD products have exploded onto the wellness scene is nothing short of a miracle.

With CBD tinctures, gummies, and softgels making their way into shopping carts, now is the right time to introduce CBD chocolates into your inventory. And for that, it is important to look for reliable private label CBD chocolate manufacturers

How CBD chocolates help you sleep better

Sleep problems are not unheard of; you will find many people suffering from insomnia, disturbed sleep, and lack of sleep at night. The result is that they continue to stay groggy the following morning and are unable to work properly. 

Instead of taking sleeping pills to get a good night’s rest, consumers want alternative cures. No one wants to get addicted to sleeping medications. 

CBD chocolates may be just what they need. If you can offer private label CBD chocolate to your shoppers, you will find them coming back for more.

CBD chocolates turn out to be a much-preferred option for people who are not keen to take bitter-tasting tinctures and capsules. Not only do chocolates satisfy your sweet tooth but they also recharge the body. Who doesn’t like to have anything healthy in the guise of chocolates?

Besides being delicious, chocolate bars are easy to carry around. You can simply take one in your purse and eat it anytime without anyone suspecting anything out of the ordinary.

To understand how private label CBD chocolate supplements work, you need to understand what anandamide is. According to scientists, this is the “bliss molecule”. It impacts people’s health and appetite, feelings of pleasure, and motivation. So, it works almost like serotonin and dopamine, the more commonly-known hormones.

Moreover, anandamide has analgesic or pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Every time someone bites into a bar of CBD chocolate the receptors get activated. Anandamide levels go up and the sugar in the chocolate further amplifies the effects. 

What is the end result? You will find that different cognitive processes like sleep regulation, mood upliftment, and pain suppression are possible because of this. That’s also why you will find many people eating chocolates to relieve anxiety!

What to know when you order private label CBD chocolate supplements

Now, you may wonder, will the chocolates get your customers high? If so, will they want to buy this product anymore?

The truth is CBD chocolates won’t give you a high. Even though cannabinoid or CBD comes from cannabis, it doesn’t have psychoactive properties. This is why any CBD product, whether it’s the oil, gummies, tinctures, vaporizers, or capsules, won’t cause intoxication.

If you offer private label CBD products to your shoppers you need to tell them that effects start showing within an hour. This of course depends on dosage, the severity of symptoms, and whether the person took it on empty stomach.

Every bar has a distinct concentration; so, you have to inform your buyers about the right dosage amount. The best way to impress your shoppers is to tie up with a leading private label CBD manufacturer. 

A company like Emerald Corp will make sure every product is organic and the CBD is harvested using proper techniques. These products will be made in GMP-certified locations and tested in independent labs.


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