Who Cannot Use Kratom? Are You One Of Them?

Use Kratom

Almost everybody can use kratom. Yet, certain people should not use it. Experts warn certain men and women to not use this herb because it is not yet established whether the herb can harm them or not. So, please do not take the risk. 

Who cannot use kratom? 

1. Pregnant women 

Certain research shows that alkaloids present in kratom get absorbed by the placenta and can reach the fetus. This can give birth to a baby having kratom-withdrawal symptoms right from birth. So, please avoid taking kratom powder or any form when pregnant. 

2. Breastfeeding women 

Kratom alkaloids can easily pass into breast milk, which is then consumed by the baby. As a result, the alkaloids can enter the baby. Kratom is not for baby’s use. The alkaloids are too strong for kids and newborns. 

3. People below 18 

Kratom is not for kids. Besides, kids already are brimming with energy and are playful. They don’t have the usual body pains and discomfort that adults have. They are free from stresses and tensions, muscle tensions, body stiffness, and other such ailments. Kids sleep well. 

They need no kratom for mood or energy or sleep. 

4. Alcoholics

People suffering from alcohol use disorder must stay away from Kratom. Although you may find reports of a few users combining alcohol and kratom in Idaho, please do not try it, warn experts. The effects are unknown. It may have suited a few, but that does not mean it will suit you. 

Moreover, there is a difference between taking a few drinks and being an alcoholic. The latter must steer clear of all kratom products. The alcohol intake of alcoholics is beyond the permissible limits and if they combine it with kratom, it can be dangerous.

5. People with chronic medical conditions

People suffering from chronic renal failure, chronic liver disease, heart disease, and other conditions must not take kratom. Please consult a doctor regarding this, before you search for “kratom near me.” 

6. People with serious mental disorders

Kratom is great for reducing anxiety and depression, but there are more severe mental conditions out there. If you or anybody you know is diagnosed with them, please discourage the use of kratom. 

In addition, people with suicidal tendencies must not use herbs that act on opioid receptors of the brain, suggest doctors. Kratom creates euphoria. Such people are more likely to indulge in dangerous activities in such a state. 

When we talk of kratom reducing anxiety, we talk about normal everyday anxieties and tensions in life. Daily life’s challenges may make you feel low, discouraged, tired, and unenthusiastic at times. Kratom products like Maeng Da Liquid Kratom Extract Shot, in such situations, can prove to be a great remedy to fight the daily mental malaises. 

However, clinically diagnosed mental disorders are different. Please consult your psychiatrist or doctor before using kratom in this case. 

7. People on medications 

You must not combine kratom with medications. Alkaloids in kratom can interact with compounds in medicines, creating a dangerous concoction. Please talk to your doctor about this.


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