How to Style Maternity Leggings: Six Fun Ways

Maternity Leggings

Maternity outfits are not always the easiest to assemble. There are so many different styles, fits, colors, and fabrics to choose from. And let’s not forget how important it is to feel as comfortable as possible in your maternity clothes. If you’re looking for the ultimate maternity clothing item, look no further than maternity leggings. Maternity leggings are such a game changer for cute, fun, and fashionable maternity clothes. Let’s take a look at all the ways you can style maternity leggings.

The Perfect Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings can come in many sizes. What’s most important to search for on your quest for the perfect pair of maternity leggings is maximum comfort and versatility. If your leggings are comfortable, you’re never going to want to take them off. And, if they’re versatile, then you can pair them with so many different styles so you never have to take them off.

1. Oversized T-shirt

Sometimes, all you need is a nice oversized t-shirt to bring you the outfit vibes you’re looking for. Oversized t-shirts have grown in enormous popularity over the years. Well, maternity leggings pair so easily with oversized t-shirts. Look for fun styles like:
Graphic tees with your favorite pops of color
Your favorite brands that help you speak your style
Simple colors to keep it classy
Statement shirts with quotes and logos to make your mark
Oversized t-shirts provide so many different style options for you to make your maternity style what you want it to be. The best part? Oversized t-shirts are fashionable and comfortable. It’s the best of both worlds. Pair your favorite oversized t-shirt with the perfect pair of maternity leggings.

2. A Large, Comfy Sweater

Leggings have always paired well with sweaters, no matter what kind of weather the season brings. Why not try combining your favorite large sweater with your maternity leggings. Sweaters can be dressed up or dressed down.
Try these types of sweaters:
Large, cable knit sweaters for fall
Thick and fuzzy sweaters for winter
Thin, yet comfy sweaters for the cooler days in spring
When you pair your maternity leggings with large sweaters, you will always look cute and feel comfortable. Another great outfit combination to consider when wearing sweaters with maternity leggings are the shoes you wear:
Try your favorite fall booty heels to dress things up
Fuzzy slipper boots to keep your feet warm
Hightop, white sneakers to be hip and trendy
There are so many shoe options that pair well with a sweater and leggings. The opportunities are endless.

3. A Big Button Up

For your cute, yet casual attire, you’re going to want to change things up a bit. Button ups are a great option to throw on in order to look a little nicer than usual. Button ups don’t have to be considered formal, especially when they are oversized. When you pair a big button up shirt with a pair of leggings, you look like a fashion icon walking down the sidewalk.
With this outfit ensemble, consider these shoe options:
High top sneakers
A large button up can be:
A solid color
Contain little designs
Whatever your favorite style of large button ups might be, there is absolutely nothing wrong with pairing it alongside your maternity leggings. It’s a great way to take your comfortable look to the next level.

4. A Cute Hoodie

Everyone loves a great hoodie. Hoodies have been a fashion piece for decades. Try pairing your maternity leggings with a hoodie to give you the cozy vibes you’re searching for. The best part about hoodies is that they can be a fashion statement all on their own.
Try out hoodies that:
Have different colors
Fun images
Simple and classic
Hoodies are a great way to remain fashionable, yet comfortable. What better way to stay comfortable than by pairing your maternity leggings with a cute hoodie.

5.Cute Going Out Styles

There are so many different ways to make your maternity leggings worthy of a day out on the town. Maternity leggings don’t have to only be about comfort. They can also be about style and fashion. A nice, large button up, your cutest pair of sunglasses, and your chicest sandals can change your fashion game completely.

6. Strictly Loungewear

If all you care about is comfort, maternity leggings can make that happen for you. Whether it’s a hoodie, a t-shirt, or a cozy sweater, you can mix and match your favorite loungewear with maternity leggings. Be comfortable and cute all at the same time.

Feel Great, Look Great

The most important thing to remember when shopping for maternity leggings is that they support your body’s comfort and make you feel confident with how you look. Feel as comfortable as possible, while also looking cute.


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