How Can You Wear a Hat If You Have a Big Head?

big hats
big hats

Have you ever started shopping for hats, read the label that says ‘one-size-fits-all’, and ended up not buying that specific hat? It could be that this one-size-fits-all hat is not appropriate as per the size of your head. 

Men who have a big heads often become disappointed when they fail to find the perfect hat as per the size of their head. They think that they won’t find any hat that will sit comfortably on their head. This is a misconception. Many manufacturers offer custom-made hats of hats that are specifically made for men who have large heads. If you have a big head and want to wear a hat, this article will provide you with essential pieces of information. 

How to Measure Your Head?

You need to determine the size of your head so that you can purchase the perfect hat. Whether you need big hats or small hats, when you measure the size of your head properly, you will be able to know the perfect size for your hats. The perfect hats will not only look good but also feels comfortable. Therefore, before you start your shopping for large or small hats, you need to take proper measurements of your head. 

Make sure you’re not making any mistakes regarding the size of your head. When you’re done taking the measurements, you need to follow these tips for choosing the perfect hat size. 

Size Up 

Make sure you visit our website and take a look at our general size chart. If the measurement that you took is between the sizes available on the size chart, you need to choose the next size. This is because even the high-quality and durable hats can shrink due to washing and sweating. Even though straw, leather, and felt hats can stretch after they have been used and washed a couple of times, it’s still better if you choose hats that are one size bigger. When the hat is fitted on your head comfortably and there is some room left, it will enhance air circulation and breathability. This way you can prevent the hats from causing headaches. 

Hat Sizing Needs Close Attention 

Even though the hat size chart on our website follows the standard USA size protocol, there are a couple of things that can affect the size of the hat such as the manufacturer, material, and the quantity of hair you have on your head.

Additionally, you don’t need to worry if you have a large head. When you visit our website, you will find big head hats and large hats that will fit perfectly even if you have a large head. 

What is the Primary Difference between Men’s Hats and Women’s Hats?

As per Chiangrai Times: The hats for men are typically sized alphabetically or numerically, even though there are some hats for men that follow the one-size-fits-all rule. These general-sized hats come with a circumference of 211/2 inches to 24 inches or a large to medium. 

On the other hand, the hat sizing for women mostly follows the one-size-fits-all rule. This means that most hats for women are styled as per the standard size that is capable of fitting head size properly. 

The Perfect Fit 

Just like the other fashion accessories, the size of the hats is dependent on the manufacturer. There will always be slight differences, even if you purchase two same hats of the same size from two different manufacturers. 

When you visit our website, you will be able to choose the perfect hats that will provide you with style and comfort. The hats we provide not only come with a long lifespan but they are also capable of showcasing your fashion statement. 

Once the size of your head has been measured properly, we will help you choose hats that will fit properly on your head. As we have many collections of men’s hats, you can choose anything you want. 

Hat Fitting Tips You Should Know

When you wear the hat, it needs to fit perfectly at the center of your forehead. This is one of the most important things you need to know unless you’re planning to wear the hat’s top or backyards of your forehead. 

The hat should not cover your vision. Even though the brim will protect your eyes from the UV rays, you need to ensure that they aren’t distracting you. As per Vision Source, UV rays can affect your eyesight. Most high-quality hats come with a sweatband and it will play an important factor in the fitting of the hat. You need to ensure that the sweatband of the hat is fitted securely without leaving any type of mark on your forehead. Even if the sweatband leaves a slight mark on your forehead and fades away as quickly as possible, you don’t need to worry unless you feel any pain or tension. 

Hats with Inner Drawstrings 

If you’ve purchased a hat that is slightly big and a little loose, you don’t need to worry at all. Most one-size-fits-all hats for men feature an inner drawstring that will help you adjust the proper fitting of the hat. You can find these inner drawstrings being stitched into the sweatband of the hats with a large ribbon that you can rug. You need to pull this ribbon gently and you will be able to adjust the fitting. This way you can tighten your hat. 

Hats without Inner Drawstrings

Many hats for men don’t come with inner drawstrings that will help you adjust the fitting. In such cases, the bands are made of elastic, leather, or foam. However, you can still adjust the fitting of the hat with the help of the sizing tape. 

They are not only effective but also extremely easy to use. The hat sizing tapes are one of the best methods to adjust the hats as they will help you maintain the shape of the sweatband as well as the inner linings of your hats without causing any internal or structural damage.  


This is how you can wear a hat even if you have a big head. Keep in mind that hat fitting is extremely important. Therefore, make sure you always choose something comfortable. 


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