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Crypto Wallets
Crypto Wallets

Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are trending topics. Today, everyinvestor eyes crypto assets for investments. They are replacing the traditional modes of investments like shares and stock markets. However, a decade ago, when the first cryptocurrency was launched, there were only a few takers. There was no one willing to partake in . There were more naysayers and skeptical than supporters. However, over the years, the mood of the investors changed looking at the high returns of investments. Today cryptocurrencies are considered digital gold, and even financial pundits’ term them as the world’s future currency.

The transaction process is irreversible and decentralized, and the traders stay anonymous. Owing to the profits and soaring prices of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, hackers and spammers leave no stone unturned to hack the investors’ wallets and loot the coins. Thus, one day you may be a millionaire, and the next, you may turn into a pauper if your wallet is hacked. The only way to survive from the hackers is to secure the walletson the platforms like Brexit millionaire. However, before securing the wallets, you should observe and study the trendsin Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in detail as an investor.

Type Of Cryptocurrency Wallets

Investors use two types of wallets to storecryptocurrencies. They are hot and cold wallets, often termed custodial and non-custodial wallets. As you open a trading account in one of the best platforms, you will get access to the custodial wallet or the hot wallet. The trading platform maintains this wallet on behalf of the investors and secures the private keys.

Often, the investors prefer to keep their coins and keys in their possession and avoid storing them in the wallet of the trading platform or any third-party wallet. They hold them in their wallets. This type of wallet is known as a cold wallet or non-custodial wallet. Each of the wallets has its advantages and disadvantages, and as an investor, you should know about them before selecting your preferred wallet.

  • Hot Or Custodial Wallet – As already discussed, hot or custodial wallets are available on trading platforms and third-party apps. They are also known as software wallets. However, this type of wallet is more prone to hacking if the developers compromise the app’s security or platform. 

The hacking risk is high in this wallet. Thus, the trading platform or the third-party app must stay updated with their security and should always use string anti-virus to prevent hackers and scammers. Again, if you are a daily trader or want to avoid storing your keys and coins, you can use your wallet. You can juggle your cryptocurrency keys and coins instantly without connecting to any external hard drives and without any waiting period to load the data.

  • Cold Or Non-Custodial Wallet – As an investor, if you want to keep your coins and keys secure, it is best to use cold wallets. They are only external hard disk drives or devices you plug into your internet system only while trading. Otherwise, the devices are not connected to the internet. And so they are counted as a safe option for storing the crypto transaction information.

It is the safest wallet for storing cryptocurrencies and security keys. However, if you are a daily trader, it becomes difficult to carry and use the external storing devices wherever you move. Without connecting the external storing devices, you cannot juggle your funds, and it becomes a bit cumbersome if you are in a hurry. 

Hardware wallets need to be purchased, and you must spend additional money on them. Again, to be safer, you can avoid storing your keys in external memory devices and even write them on paper. But, if you have many cryptocurrency coins and keys, maintaining the record manually becomes challenging.


Stay safe and trade safely. Trading cryptocurrencies isas challenging as storing coins and keys. You must be careful when selecting the crypto exchange and the cryptocurrencies, as it will eventually impact the investment future. Decide your goals and needs and select any of the wallets as per your choice to store the coins secure. Using a cold wallet or a most secured software wallet, it is best to keep your coins and security keys away from hackers.


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