Which Kind of Coffee is Right for You?


Although no one knows who invented coffee, it is among the most popular beverages in the world. Everyone drinks coffee to derive different health benefits, including better physical performance, improved fat burning, and a boost in energy.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word coffee is caffeine. Did you know that your favorite morning beverage contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants and protects against cardiovascular diseases?

Now that you know, the next question on your mind is which coffee is good for you? Although there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to coffee, this article is dedicated to discussing the various options of coffee to allow you to make the healthiest choice.

What Makes Coffee Healthy?

When drinking coffee, most people opt for options rewarding their palate. However, various factors, including added milk or cream, sweeteners, the number of antioxidants in the coffee, and the brewing method, determine your coffee cup’s healthfulness.

The good news is that health enthusiasts trying to lose weight can enjoy low-calorie coffee; for those sensitive to caffeine, decaf coffee is a healthy option. Diabetic patients can also enjoy their coffee brew by going slow on added sugar.

Furthermore, you can spice up your coffee with turmeric and cinnamon to help fight inflammation in your body. Ever heard the familiar adage that too much of something is poison? Therefore, go slow on your coffee and drink it in moderation.

Since the healthiest mug of coffee is not similar for everyone, the secret lies in identifying what works best for your health needs.

Types of Coffee

You visit your local coffee shop, and the menu has an array of coffee options leaving you spoilt for choice. Peruse through the following content and discover the perfect coffee for your health goals depending on filtrations, add-ons, roast, and brew.

Hot Brew vs. Cold Brew

A hot brew can be prepared using various brewing methods, including a pour-over coffee maker, French press or a drip machine by pouring hot water to ground coffee beans. Although hot brews are easier to prepare, overheating and leaving the coffee at high temperatures for too long is unhealthy as essential components are broken down.

On the other hand, a cold brew is prepared by soaking ground coffee beans in cold water or room-temperature water, preferably for twenty-four hours. Since cold brew has a lower acidity level, it is an ideal option for coffee lovers who experience heartburn upon drinking regular coffee.

Both brews are healthy options, but your choice is determined by what experience you want from coffee. If you prefer a smooth and less bitter coffee, opt for a cold brew, and if you are looking for a quick fix, get a hot brew.

Robusta vs Arabica

You probably have heard about Robusta and Arabica since they are produced globally. However, it is challenging to differentiate these two coffees. Sit back and relax, and discover what is unique about the two brews.

While both coffees are healthy, Arabica is mainly preferred due to its sweet and smooth flavor, unlike Robusta, which has a traditional and bitter taste. Moreover, Arabica coffee contains more antioxidants than Robusta.

Therefore, if you want something more acidic with a crisp and wine-like taste, choose Arabica and Robusta if you crave something earthly or like dark chocolate.

Black Coffee vs Coffee with Cream and Sugar

If your goal is shedding some weight, black coffee would be ideal for you because it has low calories compared to coffee with cream and sugar. An average cup of black coffee provides you with 4.7 calories, while one with added cream and sugar translates to 56.6 calories.

Additionally, black coffee can give you mental alertness and clarity especially late in the evening as you prepare to study for an exam. However, this might cause sleep problems by disrupting your circadian rhythm.

People with acidity intolerance should avoid black coffee because it is highly acidic. Since black coffee has a bitter taste, most people opt to add cream and sugar to make it more tasteful. Although coffee with added cream and sugar does not provide many health benefits, you can drink it in moderation.

Filtered Coffee in an Aeropress vs. Unfiltered Coffee in a French Press

When you think about enjoying a healthy cuppa, it’s vital to consider the method of preparation used. This is because the brewing process determines the number of antioxidants in your brew.

An Aeropress is a coffee maker that filters coffee grounds using a paper filter to help separate oils and impurities. The brewing method ensures you consume safe coffee as harmful ingredients are eliminated.

On the other hand, a French press is a coffee brewing method that produces unfiltered coffee. Unfortunately, harmful oils in unfiltered coffee called diterpenes can pose an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases when you consume large amounts of coffee.

Filtered coffee in an Aeropress retains essential nutrients like manganese, potassium, chromium, and magnesium after brewing. Therefore, if you enjoy unfiltered coffee in a French press, take it in moderation since the filtered type is much healthier.

Blonde vs. Medium and Dark Roasts

Most coffee lovers get confused when choosing the best roast among blonde, medium, and dark. It’s not easy to identify the healthiest among the three because they all contain the same amount of caffeine and have pros and cons.

Blonde roasts are light brown and often consume less time to roast, thus, making them have a higher antioxidant content. Conversely, dark roasts have reduced nutritional value due to roasting over more extended periods.

Final Remarks

Although not most people are allergic to coffee, everyone has a unique system that determines how coffee metabolism occurs. With the various types of coffees available in the market, it is challenging to conclude which is the healthiest.

However, you can derive the most nutrition benefit from your coffee by going slow on sweeteners, spicing it up with turmeric or cinnamon, and drinking your brew in moderation.

If you enjoy your brew hot or cold, black, with cream or sugar, filtered or unfiltered, ensure you go for an option that meets your dietary requirements and fulfills your health goals. Hopefully, now you can sit down with a cup of coffee you love and enjoy a nice game of Juicy Stakes poker bonuses, or reading a nice novel knowing you’ve found the right cup of joe for you.


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