What’s Better for Gaming? Youtube Vs. Twitch – 5 Things to Note (2022)

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Twitch and YouTube are two popular and efficient platforms for live streaming. They hold a vast audience base from all across the world, thus allowing streamers to broadcast their content to large audience groups. 

For gaming content, Twitch is a recognized and suitable platform for beginner-level gamers to also try out. However, YouTube has grown significantly to support gaming live streams too. Presently, both platforms host numerous gaming live streams and garner significant views. So which one’s better for it? Here’s a deeper look at both platforms to help you choose what might suit you. 


It is a video hosting platform owned by Google that has recently gained high popularity for live streaming. Many individuals, from beginners to professionals, use this platform for live streaming different types of online content. 

  1. The interface: The streaming interface on YouTube is intuitive and significantly user-friendly. Because of its large audience base, the platform is more convenient to familiarize oneself. It is also beginner-friendly and comes with pause and rewind options, giving streamers a unique level of control over their live streams. The quality of video streams on YouTube can go up to 2160p at 60 fps, so one may have to look into how to increase upload speed to reach this quality. 
  1. The audience base: YouTube has been around for a significant amount of time, and the platform has garnered a viewer base of millions. It makes it helpful for new streamers to attract and grow their audiences.
  1. Moderation and interaction policies: YouTube has relatively low levels of moderation in stream chats, which may not be very helpful in blocking spam or restricting spam messages. Its interactions do not have any customization feature as well, thus leaving it quite basic. YouTube also allows for multistreaming on different platforms. One can learn how to multistream and use the knowledge to broadcast gaming content on other platforms.
  1. Content: YouTube hosts various categories of digital content, thus making it convenient to conduct gaming live streams and grow an audience. The audience base includes people who will always flock to the content created.
  1. Monetization: It is possible to earn money through YouTube live streams, and it is generally possible to do so through paid ads, promotions, or contextual advertising. Depending on the content, earning money through gaming live streams is possible. 


It was launched in 2011, quite a long time ago, but has grown to establish itself as a leading giant amongst live streaming platforms. Most streamers use Twitch to stream gaming content, but it also hosts people engaging in the categories of art and design, just chatting, cooking, and more. 

  1. Interface: While Twitch is also suitable for beginner streamers, its interface isn’t as familiar as that of YouTube. It will take time to learn and navigate through before streamers feel comfortable. Twitch also supports streaming quality up to 1080p at 60fps, which works well for streaming different types of gaming content.
  1. Audience: Twitch has amassed over 10 billion watch hours from its viewers. With its niche leaning towards gaming content, it is suitable for beginner streamers to create content and grow their audience. 
  1. Moderation and interaction policies: Compared to YouTube, Twitch has higher moderation available for in-stream interactions, and it is more convenient to block spam and restrict unwanted communication. Twitch also lets streamers customize their chats with the help of custom emotes, sounds, and more. 
  1. Content: Although it hosts diverse content, Twitch is known for its gaming niche, thus making it more friendly for gamers looking to live stream their content. 
  1. Monetization: People can earn money on their live streams through viewer subscriptions or donations, sponsorships, and affiliated marketing. The Twitch partnership also allows streamers to earn an income depending on their subscribers and view counts. 

Which is Better for Gaming – Twitch or Youtube?

Twitch and Youtube have established them at high levels in live streaming. While Twitch is known for its gaming content, YouTube has features that support it excellently. The easy navigation of YouTube’s interface makes it more convenient for beginner streamers to join and start streaming. 

Twitch supports live streaming directly from gaming consoles, thus allowing individuals to live stream in a way best suited to them. One can choose the platform based on what fits their needs best. Therefore, depending on a person’s preferences and requirements, Twitch and YouTube are both strong contenders for carrying out gaming live streams. 


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