Do you want to see what your employees are doing on the mobile in working hours?

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Employing a vast amount of people can be difficult. You cannot always expect your employees to be loyal and pull out their best ethics while they are on work. When employers are worried about the low productivity along with the slow progress, the only way is to keep the check on the employees to see what they are doing. While you are paying the right amount of money to all the employees and asking for their services, it is quite not justified if the employees are not giving their best while they are working in the office during the working hours. However, employers are now finding out other opportunities and ways to access the Employee’s information. The employers are now trying to know what their employees are doing while they are at work. The easiest and super simple method is to use mobile tracking applications and further use the mobile screen recording feature. It is impossible to track employees humanly and manually. However, now the tracking application does all the work and helps the employers with the best features and the report regarding the usage of the targeted devices.

Which application has the most robust tracking and monitoring features?

There are a lot of applications are there that are considered significant for tracking and monitoring features. However, when it is a large organization and employee want to keep an eye on a lot of the employees, basic level tracking applications will not work. The employers usually prefer TheOneSpy application that is not only great with the features but also has a credible reputation from most of its customers.

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TheOneSpy App also offers a lot of different features not only for the employers but also for the parents and other people as well.

While you are worried that what your employees are doing and if they are wasting their time while they are in the office, you can use this tracking application to make sure that they are on track and not spending their time.

How to use the TOS application to track the employee’s activity?

  • Employees waste their time using social media applications and playing games while they are at work. These activities lower the focus and productivity of the work. However, employers can download the chatting and monitoring applications on the targeted devices of the employees while they are at work. This tracking application will provide the report to the employers about all the activities of the employees on their phones. You can also use a unique feature of a mobile screen recording that works incredibly as well. With the mobile screen recording, you will know and will have evidence of the employee wasting their time on the mobile phone doing something that is not related to work.
  • You can also use the application to find out the functionality and the skills of the employee. While you are planning to downsize or fire the employees that are not perfect for company, this tracking application will provide a report to you about the skills productivity and the work ethic of the employee that is relevant to the company or not.
  • If you are trying to find out the culprit who has leaked all the confidential information of the company, this application comes in handy to find out the Black Sheep.
  • Not only can you record the screen, but you can also find out the photos and the videos. The mobile application also provides you to read that text messages, SMS, and WhatsApp messages as well. You can also track social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many other apps.


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You can use TheOneSpy tracking application for the mobile screen recording of your employees. Make sure that you save the mobile screen recorded material as the evidence to use for later. These social media applications have been making our life more comfortable, but somehow, they compel us to waste our time during the working hours; however, if you are an employer and want to have the maximum productivity make sure to track the activities of your employee.

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