9 Healthy Benefits of Green Tea:

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Meta Description: a lot of people consume green tea. Here are 9 healthy benefits of green tea.

Green tea is consumed by so many people because it is said that it is healthy and therefore, it is part of every other diet plan. But ever wondered why everyone is so after green tea? Here are 9 healthy benefits of green tea:

  1. Contain bulk of essential nutrients: Green tea is not simply a green liquid, rather it more like a healthy drink that contain loads and loads of essential nutrients in bulk. Green tea is rich in antioxidants. Few of the rare antioxidants are also present in green tea which helps body fight against multiple diseases.
  2. It can make you smart: green tea do contain elements to stimulate your brain. Caffeine is also present in green tea which work as a stimulant for central nervous system. It helps you feel energetic. Other than this it also contains amino acids which has direct effects over inhibitory neurotransmitter. It all work to make you feel energetic.
  3. Help you to burn body fats: green tea has tendency to increase the body’s metabolism which can help you to burn body fats, that’s one the sole reason why green tea is part of many diet plans.
  4. Can protect against neurodegenerative diseases: due to its effect on brain, green tea has tendency to reduce the risk of two of major neurodegenerative disease i.e. Alzheimer’s’ and Parkinson disease.
  5. Can improve oral hygiene: green tea contains catechins which can help in inhibiting the growth of bacteria that can cause plaque formation and other oral problems.
  6. Protection against Diabetes type2: green tea doesn’t increase the blood sugar spontaneously. This can prevent sudden insulin spikes. Thereby lowering the risks of acquiring diabetes type2
  7. Helps to keep heart healthy: green tea tends to improve the health of blood vessels so that they become more adaptive towards changes in blood pressure. It can also minimize the clot formation which can cause heart attack by blocking the blood supply to coronary arteries.
  8. Protects against depression: green tea contains amino acids theanine which can help you to relax thereby helping you to reduce the stress.
  9. Protects skin: green tea has built in anti-inflammatory properties which tends to protects the skin.  It can also fight against the signs of aging helping you to look young. Another surprising fact is that green tea can also protect skin from UV rays.

Green tea is widely used across the world. However, things that are good can be proven to have negative effects if not taken in moderation. Therefore, your health and fitness is in your hands. Whatever you do try to do in moderation.

Author Bio: Amelia Smith is a nature loving and professional writer. her major topic that catches her fancy is making life a better experience. She works with Best Health Guidelines to pass on her knowledge and efforts to spread happiness.

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