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Simplicity and creativity are very important in order to highlight your brand, product and service in designs. Right graphic designer , right colors , right pictures, right sizes, right fonts etc. Already when you turn around and browse international brands (Google, Apple, Adidas, Amazon, etc.), you will always see minimality, simplicity and elegance. Therefore, simple and stylish designs allow you to get much more effective results than other complicated, eye-catching graphic designs .

Because minimal designs highlight your brand and allow you to give your customers messages that fit your purpose.

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Stylish, minimal and creative catalog / brochure examples from each other

Dominance of color and dynamism. It is one of the examples of creative catalogs with gold and red colors on the cover, representing versatility and dynamism.

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The key to elegance: An example of a jewelry catalog

In this catalog example, which is elegant and so simple, it is aimed to make the product stand out completely. I believe that this is accomplished quite effectively. A stylish catalog!

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Example of a great beauty salon brochure

An example of a creative and aesthetic brochure design designed for the therapy / beauty center, which stands out with its minimalist line.

An excellent fast food brochure design study

Another example of fast food brochures designed for the purpose, which at first glance is appetizing and completely product oriented.

Modern real estate brochure

Unlike ordinary and plain brochures, it is possible to get effective feedback with this real estate brochure that has modern and dynamic lines.

Minimal and creative real estate catalog example

Catalog covers are very important. It gives the message “read me” or “get away from me”. In this catalog example, the creative design that stands out with its aesthetics and its simplicity can be clearly seen.

Perfect lines: Environmental activities catalog design

One of the sample catalogs designed for environmental activities and having excellent design lines.

Successful and Simple industrial catalog design example

A successful industrial catalog study consisting of plain and aesthetic lines.

Glass balcony and shower cabin brochure sample

The fact that this glass balcony and shower cabin brochure design example, which has a different and more interesting perspective than ordinary styles , is designed based on the logo design work and does not spoil its corporate line, has also been reflected in the design as a plus advantage. It is a very stylish work.

Creative trip / vacation flyer design

A creative and yet interesting flyer / brochure design in which simplicity is prioritized regarding vacation and travel.


Another minimal and stylish catalog work done about epilation and beauty center.

Modern decorative and natural stone catalog

It is a simple, modern example of work designed for decorative stones and like other designs.

Smartly designed brochure example

One of the creative and attractive a5 hand brochures / flyer examples prepared for an establishment producing fruit juice.

It’s complicated, but just as attractive

It is not a work in which simplicity is at the forefront as in other brochure designs, but it has an appealing, wonderful and attractive atmosphere.

Cosmetic catalog

An example of an attractive catalog with a great atmosphere designed for the personal care products and cosmetics industry.

Remember, cheap labor reduces your brand value. You can take a look at my graphic design works from here . You can take a look at the creative logo examples here .

Do you want to make innovative and professional catalog / brochure designs by showing the necessary value to your brand?

Then contact me .

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