Going Private on Media Platforms

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Today the world is a platform of open communication, sharing with almost zero privacy. That’s how it is now in the year 2020. Yes! Public platforms initially were very charming. It provided a social networking platform, giving individuals exposure to the outside world, meeting like-minded people, and making communication easy.

However Many have been victimized due to the sharing of their information on public platforms and suffered grave consequences. For example; public social platforms have given a rise to bullying, blackmailing, kidnapping, stalking, etc.

Even when you think your media is private on platforms, it is not. Facebook has been accused of multiple times for selling its users data. How does it happen? Data is used from these sites to analyze trends and sold to marketing companies and other firms. Today many individuals are going private with their data. Putting their profile to limited privacy settings. People are over the concept of putting everything for everyone to see. They have had enough.

The media platform is bombarded with so much data by individual profiles that it feels like the platforms are listening to your conversations and suggesting data based on it. This has made many users feel unsafe and created anxiety among them. It has also made people feel like they have no control or privacy anymore.

All this has resulted in individuals opting for privacy settings or switching to private social media networks. The article below covers a few topics in relation to going private on media platforms.


It is a known fact that social media platforms have previously misused the information of their users. The biggest news that took everyone by storm was Facebook leaking its user’s data to firms.

Due to oversharing and no privacy setting many students and individuals have been bullied and targeted for blackmail, which caused a lot of unrest among social media users. Many have are now diagnosed with social media addiction, anxiety, and depression due to being on their phones all the time.

Many healthcare professionals have now advised many parents to limit the use of social media of their children on their phones in order to avoid diseases like ADHD, depression anxiety, etc.

There has also been a rise in cases of stalking and harassment for many. Due to this reason, now many are getting on the bandwagon of going private on social media platforms. A lot of scandals have come to light which has made people understand that going private is the right choice.


Facebook has upgraded its privacy setting. But people still have doubts about whether their data would be leaked to a marketing firm or other private firms. While people continue to use Facebook, more than 40% of the profiles have gone private.

Instagram is becoming for a rage among the millennials which is somewhat satisfying the craving of privacy concerns of its users. Instagram has made a move for its user to make sure the focus is more on the quality of content than the number of likes. For this purpose, Instagram has hidden the likes feature to the public. 

The strategy is great for marketing and businesses. Where they can keep track of the quality of content, as well as the privacy of its users is also not breached.

Many other platforms are also taking security measures to make their networks more comfortable for its users and addressing their privacy concerns.


Many individuals are also taking the route of joining private social applications. These applications are made for several niches. Every private network has its privacy settings and features. People can join as per their needs of privacy. These networks offer limited or restricted audiences.

Many business are also choosing to join private social media networks for their communication purposes. Many of these social media apps have registration and membership fees to avail of all their features. While many are free as well.

An application like Next Door is for people who live in the same neighborhood to communicate and help each other. Escapex is another app that is offering celebrities and many other people to launch their applications. There are also several other apps like Photobucket, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc that are catering to several niches.


Going private on a public platform or joining a private network is not a bad thing for the long run. It is a good thing that people are choosing to be aware of the consequences of sharing their data on online public platforms. 

Due to the rise of privacy concerns, many networking platform are now working hard to ensure the safety and security of their user, which is only beneficial to the individuals as well as businesses.


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