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Seeing those tempting advertisement on television or on other media you get to be drawn to a particular product. Resulting you to buy the product with so much of passion as well. Today we are going to talk about those brands who used subconscious marketing and became successful. However, advertisement is meant to be impactful and clever but not that overpowering to an extent.

Have you ever imagined why so?

Because these advertisement triggered your subconscious mind. This technique of advertisement is called as subconscious marketing.

What is exactly meant by subconscious marketing?

The brands trigger the subconscious mind through emotions by means of advertisement. However, it’s upto you what kind of advertisement you choose if it’s SEO, social mefia marketing, Guest Post, etc. Now you find yourself much more drwan to these brands because they include emotions in their advertisement.

Now let’s have a look to those brand used subconscious marketing strategy.

Brands that are grown using subconscious marketing


If you ever focused on the logo of this brand, you might get to see that cute arrow which is connecting a to z and forming a grinning face at the same time. Which makes you happy about the brand and you get to shop from this e-commerce web store.

2- Baskin Robins

Focusing on the B and R, you can find that it form 31, why so? Because Baskin Robins is famous for more than 31 flavors of ice creams. They used the right color combination which makes you crave for ice cream by the time you see the logo.

3- FedEx

One of the old is gold subconscious marketing message from FedEx. You can find the message in their logo. Where, whitespace in the logo is clearly showing the point. As your belonging will be reaching to it’s destination on time.

4- RedBull

RedBull, an energy drink and caffeinated drink. Popular for boosting energy. Brand has been successful to build a broader connection with consumer’s mind. As they give it a tag line which says “Gives you wings”.

Blending the right emotion

Let’s just take an example of Nike, which says “Just Do It”. We know this campaign from a very long time now. However you may haven’t noticed how it’s subconscious marketing impacted on your mind.

The tagline which says “Just do it” which evokes the emotions of freedom, self expression, personal power and feel of achievement.

Some of the other successful taglines which  used subconscious marketing :

Do you know the tagline of Apple?

The slogan for Apple is “Think different” and this triggers the need of individuality and exquisite.

Have you heard about L`Oreal slogan?

Yes! They say “Because you worth it” that targets the feeling of self worth, appreciation and recognition.

How Coca-Cola campaign works?

Coca-Cola says “Open Happiness” which evokes the feeling of being happy.

Once you have found out a catchy line for your brand, your clients can remember your brand for a long time. Although, taglines works to register your brand in client’s subconscious mind. When you hit on their emoticons their subconscious attracts them to buy your products.

While appropriate technique of marketing can give you result in long run. You can see the results.


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