How Is Factory Auditing Related To Social Auditing?

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Factory auditing services are performed to determine if the supplier is competent or not. These services also help in producing specific quality-oriented products in your production house by meeting all the criteria. Not all producers face factory audits, but those who undergo factory audits are the best qualified. And suppliers are the most sought aftermarket. Therefore, they must maintain a quality standard to preserve their market value.

Besides, some factories have plans to enter other inter or intra-national markets. They are then required to conduct a thorough audit through third party inspection companies to ensure that the provider knows. And also the ability to cross the border. This is a complex, slow, and quite an expensive process. Therefore, not all factories can afford them, especially in underdeveloped countries.

The whole process

The entire process requires a selective list of highly sought after suppliers; Verification of documents such as financial reports, factory licenses, customer order records, and certificates, etc. A detailed description of the production unit in terms of capacity, production costs, labor; History of adopted quality standards, and social compliance problems.

After that, an appropriate report is prepared to finalize the decision on the points at which the supplier needs improvement. The provider is obliged to meet those requirements. And send a report on the elimination of all applicable objections from our audit team.

Under this process, social auditing is a type of factory that is of great value today. As the name implies, a social audit is performed to make a provider socially responsible. This audit is also called Social Compliance Audit, Ethical Audit, and Corporate Social Audit. The physical evaluation is performed to perform a social inspection of the provider’s company.

Qualified teams are following social responsibility to find out for the provider. International norms, national norms, and SA 8000 or not. The process involves conducting various interviews with supervisors and workers. Analyzing the overall performance and checking that the workforce is physically fit or not, has little power and adequate training. The social audit then provides a list of the crucial reforms that are socially necessary. And, from the moral point of view, if the provider does not know the laws, he can administer them after knowing them.

Prevent workers from various risks

The most important reason for most social inspection services in Asia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, etc. The labor force does not necessarily work there to confirm that the provider has not hired child labor. Your health is excellent, you have the right training, you are given the right clothes to protect yourself in the production unit. Their salaries are standard; they are allowed proper occupation and breaks; they are disciplined.

Harassment is not allowed in the workplace, and they are working in a healthy environment. The results it provides are in the form of identification of socially responsible suppliers. The improvement of social compliance standards, the application of national and global social security laws, grant workers all labor rights. Prevent workers from risks to life and health, improve the ethical ethics of suppliers, and make production companies more socially dedicated.


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