Few Fan Theories and Plots About Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things season 1
Stranger Things season 1

Stranger Things is a very popular show on Netflix. It has a total of three seasons until now. The fourth season is due to come.

But Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date is not been confirmed yet. So, here we discuss some fan theories and plots about Stranger Things Season 4.

Theories About Stranger Things Season 4

Gaten Matarazzo talks (a little) about the sequel

In an interview with Variety, the young actor addressed the future of the series and its character. Unfortunately, for now, he doesn’t have much to say and has simply declared: “It is not easy to say what will happen in season 4 because for the moment, I’m not yet aware of the characters’ future. So far, Dustin has let himself go.

The young actor also took the opportunity to mention a fan theory that he particularly likes. It concerns Suzy, his new love of the third season.

But my favorite is the one who says that Suzy is actually a spy working for the Russian government. I find it so stupid and yet so funny. I just hope it doesn’t really happen because it would be really weird, “he said. It sounds unlikely, but you never know.

David Harbor gives (again) (small) clues

Sheriff Hopper, a character interpreted by the actor, occupies an increasingly important place in the series. It should also grow in its fourth season. Recall that his fate had left fans in turmoil at the end of the previous season.

Now that the trailer has revealed that he is alive and well, the actor does not hesitate to deliver (drop by drop), a few small clues about his role in the upcoming episodes.

Is this information about her deceased daughter, her military past, or any troubled ties to Hawkins Lab? Impossible to say at the moment, but if David Harbor wanted to intrigue us even more, he succeeded.

Rodeo FX with special effects

It’s all fresh, the Canadian studio Rodéo FX has just announced that it will be wandering the special effects of the future show season. This is not really a surprise since it was already the Quebec company that was responsible for the modeling n of creatures in season 3. “This new partnership between Rodeo FX and Netflix makes me very proud of Quebec’s visual effects talent,” said Quebec’s Premier François Legault. This partnership, a symbol of good relations between Netflix and Canada, should help maintain 100 to 150 jobs in the province, according to the Journal du Québec, the first media to have relayed this information.

But who will die in season 4?

On December 03, the Twitter account of the writers of Stranger Things had a burst of activity with publications in spades for a few hours. One of them caught the attention of all knowledgeable observers, here it is:

During an improvised question and answer session, here is the pictorial response to a sympathetic request from a user. In all likelihood, the “sheriff” emoji refers to Jim Hopper, the “policeman” of the series. And as you probably know by now, he didn’t die at the end of the third season. This evocative emoji, therefore, does not refer to its fate.

Sheriff Jim Hopper.

The fact remains that characters will undoubtedly experience a fatal fate in the continuation of the adventures of the teenagers of Hawkins, but perhaps not those of which we immediately think.

The show teams are experts in the art of nurturing and thickening the mystery around what awaits our heroes. Four smileys posted on Twitter and here we are commenting on the message and making plans on the comet … The truth is that a priori, we are absolutely not able to correctly interpret the meaning of this post. Sorry, but we will have to wait to find out exactly who died and if Jim Hopper is indeed in heaven.

An enigmatic title for the first episode

A tweet was enough to ignite some fans. It must be said that it is signed by the writers of the series and therefore changes the not always very substantiated rumors to which we were accustomed lately.

It’s content?

An image of the script of the first episode on which we can clearly see its title: “Chapter one: The Hellfire Club”. X-Men fans will immediately understand this reference to the Club of the Damned.

As a reminder, in the Marvel saga, this group brings together powerful politicians and financiers who oppose the X-Men. They are the ones who manipulated Jean Gray-Phoenix who will escape their control and become Dark Phoenix.

Should we see a clue regarding Eleven, who, like Dark Phoenix has telekinetic powers? Will it also fall under the influence of an organization or a malicious person? Everything is possible. Caution is advised, this title may still change between now and the release of the fourth season, the date of which we still do not know.

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So, these were some of the plots and theories about Stranger Things Season 4.


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