Friendspire: Reviews You Can Trust

Reviews You Can Trust
Reviews You Can Trust

It is so annoying when you are looking for recommendations for restaurants, bars, podcasts, movies, TV shows, or books, and all you keep getting is fake reviews from bots and strangers. Friendspire is here to change that by offering you a simple and straightforward way of getting recommendations from those you know and trust friends Besides the fact that they know you better and what you genuinely love and enjoy, recommendations from friends on what’s good are honest and reliable. 

How Does Friendspire Work?

Whatever makes your day special, be it that hang-out joint, bars, or those podcasts and movies to keep you company in this lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic, Friendspire got you. Cut through the noise of reviews from strangers, and let your trusted system and the Friendspire circle that you trust recommend what is genuinely worth your time.

This free social media app offers you space to build a library and store all the things that you like, and you can always refer to whenever you crave some fun, leisure time. When you cannot get recommendations from your circle on lifestyle and entertainment areas, the Friendspire team got you on the “Best Of” section.

The Best Doomsday Movies at Friendspire

The chances are high that with the prevailing conditions and impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, you have had a run through most of the popular releases of the best doomsday movies, the best apocalyptic movies, and environmental apocalypse movies. Friendspire has plenty of doomsday movie recommendations together with several sub-genres for one to choose from. 

Whether your best apocalyptic movies are based on a nuclear holocaust or the biblical rapture, Friendspire will allow you to dig deeper and get plenty that you will enjoy. Currently, its leading doomsday movie recommendations are:

1. Independence Day

The thrilling, spectacle-filled sci-fi movie of brave humans who attempt to save the Earth from vicious aliens who arrive in massive spaceships and begin to unleash powerful weapons targeting to destroy the world’s major cities. The 25-year-old classic has an all-star cast led by Will-Smith, Bill Pullman, and Jeff Goldblum gives us a view of what an actual alien invasion might look like and its impact.

2. The Day after Tomorrow

This old-fashioned disaster movie is based on an environmental apocalypse that leads to a radical climate change resulting in a new ice age resulting from global warming. The blockbuster blows established facts out of proportion with every imaginable natural disaster. The United Kingdom gets flash-frozen, Los Angeles gets hit and leveled by multiple tornados, and New York gets buried under snow and ice, while a good chunk of the Northern Hemisphere gets wiped out. It may not represent the most realistic nuclear ruin perspective, but it does focus attention on the actual problem of global warming. 

3. I am Legend

The movie features Manhattan, three years after a deadly virus killed every healthy human, but for one person- Will Smith as Robert Neville, who only has a dog for company. The cars are abandoned, the infrastructure is collapsing, and the streets overgrown with weeds, and the streets are ruled by predatory zombies with vampire fangs for teeth by night. He has to contend with the cause of the apocalypse. He desperately seeks a vaccine against the virus in a laboratory, while considering if his former kin has any humanity left. A young woman, Anna, who is traveling with a boy, Ethan, comes to his rescue. Be ready for a heartbreaking scene, where Robert’s (will) only companion, the dog, gets infected by the virus. It provides a vision of what Manhattan will look like after humankind destroys the planet, and the city lives on. 

4. The Book of Eli

This post-apocalyptic neo-Western thriller movie of 2010 starring Denzel Washington, Ray Stevenson, Jennifer Beals, Mila Kunis, and Gary Oldman is based on Christian dogma. In the film, a lone wanderer, Eli (Denzel Washington), has been walking west towards the sea for 30 years across the devastated, dry, and dusty landscape of America. This is after most of the Earth’s population has been wiped out by a catastrophe, leaving ruin and desolation. Eli is quick with rifles, pistols, shotguns, knives, and karate to protect himself from the roaming gangs of thieves and hijackers. Eli fights to protect the sacred tome with a possible key to the human race’s survival. 

5. The Road

In this 2009 apocalypse movie, a father and son walk for months through the ravaged landscape of a burned America after an extinction event. The cold there can crack stones, the sky is dark, gray when it snows, with the land devoid of life and covered in ash. The father suffers from a cough and knows he might not survive it. They walk towards a warmer destination to the south, unaware of what awaits them since almost all life on Earth and most of civilization has been destroyed. They struggle to find food and supplies on the way, as they try to evade and sometimes fight marauders as they walk towards the sea looking to find “good guys”.


The Friendspire app believes in making life better by helping people make good quick choices faster with the help of good people that they can trust. The Friendspire app is on iOS, Android, and website, and allows one to give and receive recommendations. 


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