5 biggest jewelry trends for 2020


The easiest way to light up your outfit is with Merilla jewelry, as well as a great way to follow the latest forms of the season. Whatever your style, it’s important to have a selection of modern jewelry on hand. This is especially true during the warmer months when we are more likely to show off our best jewelry against bare, sunny skin. And, with so many inspiring styles on the catwalk, this season is an exciting time to add new summer jewelry to your collection. Such as the hottest Marella jewelry trends in 2020.

Stacked Bangles

A Marella jewelry bangle, tennis bracelets, cuffs – whatever you call them, arm jewelry is still serious. Newly trends of 2020 if you wear a stalk of bangles on your wrist that will make sure you are on trend this year. What we like about this look is how individual it can be for you to wear and stack bangles, while also showing that you follow the latest trends. Follow the trends it is necessary to wear a different types of colorful bangles for a different pieces of mix dresses. This cable bracelet is an unusual piece that stands alone, but it also works well when paired with a thin permanent bracelet and this hexagonal edge bracelet. Or, this white enamel bracelet looks amazing with a tan and goes well with thick bangles like this matte bracelet.

Linked Up

Chains and links of all sizes were a big trend on the track and on the street for spring-summer 2020, although our favorite for summer is the thicker link Marella necklaces. So, if graceful bracelets have never been your item, then now is the time to say hello to the new trend of stylish bold chains, good for your neck game 2020 trends. These types of thick chains make a statement and instantly turn a summer staple like a white cardigan into something more cutting edge. Pairing a thick chain with a floating summer dress looks very 2020.For maximum impact; opt for this 30-inch Cuban link chain, available in stainless steel and gold-plated finishes.

Flower Power

Seashells were a huge jewelry trend last summer, adorning the ears, neck, wrists and ankles of influencers like Leandra Cohen and Doina Ciobanu. And, although seashells have resurfaced this summer, we can’t help but think that the look has been done enough for us to want something fresh for 2019. And, nothing says fresh like jewelry inspired by flowers of this season. But it’s just so fair to embrace the natural beauty of floral jewelry this season. These delicate floral earrings are perfect for this pretty trend, while this delicate flower pendant is subtle but unique. Or you can opt for the golden version for a hint of the summer sun.

Beach Jewelry

Beach jewelery is not a special style or design at all. You combine all your clothes with Marella jewelery, why not styles your own swimwear? We know what you’re thinking. You don’t want to wear your best jewelery on the beach just to be swept away by the waves or get lost in the sand. That’s why beach jewelery needs to be a little more practical if you really plan to go swimming instead of cocktails. First your jewelry gets wet you do not wants your skin to green, so very important to select safe pieces when gain access to your beachwear. And, while we’ve seen a lot of Instagram people wearing their precious engagement rings on the beach, it’s best to keep your diamonds safe in hotels. Ordinary bar pendants are another winner when paired with a bikini, such as a diamond-cut chain or two. And, for your ear trends, trendy earrings like hung hoops or in-ear earrings look stylish, plus you won’t have to worry about losing the earring from behind.

Layered Chains

If the chunky chains we mentioned aren’t your style, you’ll be glad to hear that a collection of more delicate chains is also the key to 2020. Layered chain jewelry has been a big trend on Instagram. But now that they’ve lost the necks of McQueen and Pico Robin models, it’s sure to explode. The beauty of the chains is how it can add a new dimension to basic jeans and a tee while remaining comfortable at the same time. And, best of all, it means you can show off your necklace at once! Simple, delicate chains work best for this layered shape. But you do not confine yourself about the chain you adding some pendants with stone and make sure your personal touch is shining.


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