Are Cat style sunglasses suitable for men and women?

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Sunglasses are an accessory that displays your attitude and style but those with cat style sunglasses get noticed always. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays but also keeps eyes safe from the blinding glares. Cat eyes sunglasses are the most favorite of women but its beauty and charisma could not spare men. Hence, even men fall prey to it and love to wear them on certain occasions.

Cat style sunglasses for men and women

Although the cat eyes are generally supported by women with the splash of colors, patterns, and designs. The pointed or extended cat eyes can change the entire appearance of women. Cat-eye sunglasses can be used by women of all ages. Whether you are a working woman, going to college, or love to relax at beach post-retirement, cat eyes shaped sunglasses are suitable for every age group. You can accessorize your dresses with cat style sunglasses, match them with the color of your dress or accessories. Wear them to match with your skirt or coat and let your hair down. From curves to pointed angles, you can experiment with all shapes of cat-eye style sunglasses. Where the broad frames look classic, the one with leopard print looks trendy. The metallic frame designer frames may add glamour and the plastic looks elegant yet vintage.

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When it comes to men, the cat eyes style sunglasses should be selected carefully. There is a thin line of difference between cat style sunglasses for men and women. Though the shape remains the same as almond or the cat-eye actually, however for men it has to be original and simple. Broad frames with pointed angles give a serious business look, just like the Men in Black agents. Whereas the designer sunglasses, the broad, colorful, marble effect or animal print looks great on party lovers or individuals with creativity related professionals like fashion, dress designers, accessories designers, hairstylists, painter etc.

Which type of face shape suits cat style sunglasses

The cat-eye shape of sunglasses suits most of the face shape like round, rectangular, heart, and square. However, there needs to be taken a few measures while making such cat-eye lens glasses according to face shape. The key is to bring a balance between the softness of the facial features with sharp pointers of sunglasses shape and vice versa.

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For instance, round face shape people should select cat-eye frames of sunglasses that do not have soft curves but pointed edges. On the other hand, rectangular and square shape people may wear designer sunglasses with cat eyes shape lenses, provided they have soft angles and no sharp pointers or edges. People with heart-shaped faces as well as diamond shape face personalities can stick to designer frames with cat-eye style sunglasses, however, the edges should not be pointed but must be soft and round.

No, it is not tough to buy suitable designer sunglasses

You need not head over anywhere when you have the best services and quality sunglasses manufactured from the sunglasses specialist Specscart. With their in-house brand Tom Archer, the range of Specscart’s sunglasses is a delight for the eyes itself. Here every sunglasses shape, design, style, and pattern appearing unique and different from the other. Broad frames or thick, extended cat eyes temples or small shapes, patterns or animal prints, you get every style at Specscart.

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Prices? Yeah, they are as much accessible as their stores and websites. The prices are pretty affordable to reach out to the maximum wearer of sunglasses. The designer sunglasses are fully protected and block 100% of the Ultra Violet rays as well as Glares / Reflections.

So buy those designer frames to reflect the best style of your personality and add a touch of glamour and trend in yourself.

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