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Fashion is something that should be followed religiously if you are passionate about doing so. If you think you can be a fashionable person and want to be one, you must try and follow all that is required to be the real fashion-forward. Although we believe that everyone has a different style sense and hence everybody is fashionable in their ways but certain things are common in all of them and if they are all fulfilled completely and followed perfectly, they can help one style and sense look better than another one.

We also believe that keeping up with the latest fashion trends shouldn’t be felt like a burdened by anyone and for that it is important for that particular person to be happy with what he/she wears and make it look good, basically be a trendsetter. 

To be able to achieve that, we think that there are 3 basic pieces of advice that one needs to follow and take care of, and then it is not difficult or something full of pressure to be a fashionable person. It gets easier if you are mindful of just three of the following advises we have discussed in detail below:


For anything to look good, its base has to be flawless and of the best quality. Similar is the case with clothes. No matter how trendy is the outfit or how uniquely it is designed; it won’t look good unless it is made out of the supreme quality fabric which is 100% pure and durable. There are several fabrics you can try out ranging from leather, cotton, and fleece, satin, denim to woolen, every outfit can either be good, average, or extremely poor in quality but it’s on the buyer who must be able to identify which one should be opted for. 

To be able to identify the right fabric for yourself, you must shop from a place which is reliable enough and someone from your family has had a good experience with them. Moreover, a good quality outfit also has a beautiful shine coming out of it and feels good when you hold it. If shopping online, you should only shop from platforms that you know can be trusted blindly so that you are not given something of average quality. 


 The next important thing you must be careful about is the accessories you will be complementing with your look since they make a huge difference. You must have the basic sense of what will look good with what for instance you won’t wear a golden heavy necklace on jeans shirt nor will you take up a Spiderman Wallet to a wedding event. But some people make such blunders and that’s where their style game miserably fails. 

In your wardrobe, you must always have a handful of rings, necklaces, earrings, sunglasses, shoes, and bags which you can try out with different looks. With denim attires you can accessorize sunglasses and Snickers with them will make a perfect combination. For a formal lunch, you can wear some rings, have a bag along and can pair the look with flat sandals that are basic and not very overtly decorated. If you will follow this basic advice, you are more likely to stun the people with a very dapper look even if your clothes won’t be up to date. 


We truly believe in the acceptance of one’s self and by no means have we wished to glorify fakeness. We also respect those who are not in favor of putting up makeup but we still believe that makeup is important and is essential in determining the style and fashion game of a person. Everyone is beautiful in their skin but because of the harmful rays of the sun, often it happens that our skin loses its look, and to keep it safe from any more harm, makeup needs to be put up as quality makeup products help you reflect those harsh sun rays. Together with that, they also give you a beautiful look that can help you hide pimples, dark circles, or anything that you think is something you didn’t want but appeared on your skin because of your negligence or the unhealthy environment. 

However, again it is completely on you to decide what kind of makeup will suit which occasion. You cannot apply bridal makeup to your office meetings and nor can you flaunt a no-makeup look to an extravagant party. There is a difference in both of the looks that you need to decide and create. 

Conclusively, the above mentioned three basic fashion advises sound very orthodox but for every generation and every emerging trend, this advice has been constant that doesn’t change but in fact, help you stay trendy and not out of fashion no matter what. 


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