Best Classroom Tools 2020

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The world is rapidly changing and you should too. You may have attended the University years back and are now comfortable in your career. However, as employers demand new skills and as competition grows, you must upgrade, learn new ones, and continue your learning. No wonder Microsoft coupon is a favorite among students, teachers, and people looking to upgrade their skills.

Microsoft has some easy and affordable classroom tools that promise to deliver personalized learning experience so that you can achieve better outcomes. 

Office 365

You can get Office 365 for the whole school. This tool is especially for academic institutions and features free productivity tools. Get Office 365 A1 free of cost. It features popular apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote that help teachers and students work together. 

This is one of thebest free edtech tools for teachers and students. 

Office 365 A3 and A5 are also available. They come with a fixed monthly charge. 

Minecraft: Education Edition 

This tool is available free for all students and teachers throughout June 2020 to encourage remote learning due to the Coronavirus outbreak. People with a valid Office 365 Education account can avail themselves this tool. 

Microsoft has compiled a special remote learning toolkit that features over 50 lessons, project-based learning tasks, and STEM curriculum. This lets teachers use Minecraft with students irrespective of the location – they could be at home, school, or any other remote environment. 


This is also one of the free edtech tools for teachers, students, and families. This tool help students discuss what they are learning and showcase their projects. You can share short videos through this tool. It is a great classroom tool that engages and empowers everybody present in the classroom. 


MakeCodeAracade is a platform to develop video games. You will notice that it is a 1980’s style retro platform for game development. It enables students to build their own creative games in JavaScript and Block. You can use MakeCode with Flipgrid to showcase your MakeCode projects. 

MakeCode lets you use a series of tech tools for the classroom.You can use Google Classroom, Canvas, or Microsoft Teams to organize your MakeCode lessons. MakeCode offers free online curriculum that can help teachers schedule their classes. 

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams is an awesome tool for learning, as it helps teachers to create an interesting learning environment. This digital hub enables people to gather content, conversations, projects, and apps all at one place. It makes for an interactive classroom. 

The tool is not limited for educators. Professionals can connect with their colleagues and like-minded people. You can sign up for free. 


OneNote is one of the brilliant technology tools for higher education, just like Microsoft Teams and Office 365 are. It’s THE tool for efficient classroom organization. Thanks to this tool, you can access and edit your notes at any time and from any device. You can store everything in OneNote and utilize its powerful search option to find what you need. OneNote feels like you are writing on actual paper. Its handwritten notes, digital ink, videos, pictures, and sketch diagrams give your notes a personal touch. 

The brilliance does not end here! If OneNote is for students, then Class Notebook is for teachers to help them collect homework, organize curriculum, and offer individualized support. 

Staff Notebook is for the whole staff to give them a personal workspace and, at the same time, a collaboration space for the entire team. 

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser comes with in-built learning tools, especially helpful for readers. They can interact with text wonderfully. Through the tools, you can hear a web page or a PDF file read out loud as you follow the words on the screen. 

Immersive Reader present in Microsoft Edge features tools like Page Themes, Read Aloud, Syllables, Text Size, and highlighting parts of speech. 

The idea is to alleviate distractions and let students read the online texts in their desired manner. 

STEM Tools 

Microsoft Education tools help students prepare for the future, build confidence and curiosity, link classroom experience with real-world experiences, and pave path for a brighter career. 

You can find a range of STEM apps and products. Microsoft has been collaborating with leading partners like NASA, micro:bit, and Kano to devise a powerful series of STEM products that provide hands-on, empirical learning. 

A whole range of tech tools for the classroom exist online. Learning was never better and more fun. Learning and teaching, both, have new faces thanks to powerful and exciting tech tools available on all devices. Now, you need not be present physically in a classroom. You can be anywhere in the world. Connect and interact, learn and build a bright future. 

With websites like Don’tPayAll providing Microsoft coupon, it is time to take your learning/teaching to the next level. Join the bandwagon of schools that have embraced the new world of safe and secure, interactive, and personalized learning. 


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