Reason why you should find a PWA development company for your app idea right away

Progressive Web Apps
Progressive Web Apps

New advanced technologies emerge now and then urging developers to keep up with the new trends keeping them on their toes. One such technology is Progressive Web Apps. It came with a bang and knocked over the comfort zone of developers happy with native app development. 

However, with the numerous benefits it brings to the tables, developers all over the world have been forced to acknowledge this technology as a force to be reckoned with. Today a PWA development company is more in demand than ever before.

If you also find yourself at a spot wondering what the hype with progressive web apps is all about, following are some advantages which will make you call a PWA development company right away to get started with a PWA project.  

Simple to update

One of the main advantages that PWAs offer is there is no need to go to a store to install or update it. Like other native apps you get notified to update the app in order to avail new features whereas, with PWAs, all bugs are fixed automatically without the need for a manual action. 

This feature not only enhances your user experience but also serves as a blessing in disguise for the business as well. There is no ambush on the customer service department from users who still have an outdated version and cannot seem to upgrade. 

Improved performance 

Progressive Web Apps are exceptionally light and fast since they are much lighter compared to native apps due to less underlying code. Any downloads needed are done swiftly. Another highlight is that the performance is not dependent on the availability or strength of the internet and downloads faster regardless. It is also dependent on how skilled your developer is to maximize the performance of this technology! Make sure you hire an experienced PWA development company to make your PWA a success. 

Requires Less Storage Space

Unlike native apps, which can utilize up to 100MBs of mobile space, progressive web apps are lightweight and require much less storage space. This is one of the primary reasons why so many businesses are gradually shifting completely over PWAs. This is not only beneficial for the business but also suits consumers as they appreciate apps not taking up gigantic spaces on their storage. 


Owing to their smaller size, PWAs require much less bandwidth than traditional web apps which make them easier to use on mobile data. While developed countries have little to gain from this advantage, regions like South Asia and South Africa have a lot to gain since mobile data is expensive in these areas. 

Offline connectivity

One of its most prominent advantages is that it not dependent on internet connectivity for web apps to function properly. Its offline mode features save all information stored from the last online session and does not hinder the user experience. This further boosts user retention and engagement. 

Improved Page speed

Today the entire race is who gets to retain the user’s attention within the least amount of time. Studies show that 53% of people leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s how tough the competition is. PWAs help in improving the page load speed of your web apps regardless of the addition of more features. 

Native App look & feel

Another aspect adding to the desirability of progressive web apps is that their behavior, look and feel everything is much similar to native apps which does not make your end-user feel any difference. Your PWA development company can help create an excellent web app which performs well and is easy on the wallet too. 

Hardware features integration

PWAs allow integration of special hardware features, for example, push notifications. This feature is often a game-changer as it allows businesses especially e-commerce businesses to reach out to their audiences with creative content with a higher chance of readability compared to channels like email marketing, newsletters, etc. 

Other features that can be integrated include geolocation, data storage, biometric authentication, USB/Bluetooth and motion sensors, etc. 

Cache assets reduce the server load

Your need for server capacity can be reduced as the cached assets on the visitor’s device do not hit your server. It also reduces your bandwidth cost. With PWAs you have the chance to craft an optimized caching strategy that can choose what should be cached, the duration for which it should be cached, and what should be discarded right away. 

No app store submission

Another distinctive factor is that with PWAs you do not have to submit your app on Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, or Windows Phone Apps either. This step saves users from any annoyance or forced downloading. It also enables your developers to push updates without having to wait for any approvals.  All updates are automatically uploaded with no interference from any app stores. 

No Install

Progressive Web Apps do not need to be installed. Users are not rerouted to different stores and wait for long downloaded to be completed before being able to use the app. Users are not irritated by slow download speed. The PWAs icons appear in the same way on home screens though. 


Progressive Web Apps are a great option because they are lighter on the wallet compared to the alternatives. Just by avoiding submission on app stores, you can save the 30% commission fees. Since it is much less complicated than native app development, the overall development cost is also lower. 

High Conversion rate

Last but not the least, Progressive Web Apps are good for business. With so many user-friendly advantages as listed above, progressive web apps increase your user retention and engagement. It directly boosts the conversion rates since it minimizes the number of steps a user has to go through. Fast installs and no dealing with application stores are great aspects boosting conversion rates for progressive web apps. 

If you are still torn between whether to go for PWAs or not, the following are some companies that are using progressive web apps and basking in its benefits while at it. 

  • Alibaba’s mobile web conversions increased by 76%. Its overall monthly active users also increased by 14% on iOS and 30% on Android. 
  • Forbes test progressive web app loads 4.5 seconds lesser compared to its previous site. The average session per user lasted 2X more with 20% more impressions. 
  • Lancôme’s statistics were remarkable. It saw a 17% increase in its conversions with a progressive web app! 53% increase was in iOS alone and 51% increase overall. 8% of people responding to a notification made a definite purchase. 
  • As for Ali Express, an increase of 104% of conversion rates was reported with new users gained with a progressive web app.

These pleasantly surprisingly statistics show investing in a Progressive Web App (PWA) would be an intelligent choice. If you are ready to reap the benefits of a PWA for your business then get in touch an experienced PWA development company like Origami Studios and get a PWA made bound to be successful.  


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