Boost Your Brain Functioning and Cognition

Boost Your Brain Functioning and Cognition
Boost Your Brain Functioning and Cognition

Mental health has been a frontline appeal from persons within the medical fraternity for a long time. Stressing the importance of mental health via social media and booklets has been exhausted, yet more and more persons within our population are combatting lifestyle diseases. Mental alertness enhances responses and other cognitive skills; cognitive fitness is a strategy that some have engaged. The cognitive fitness trail aims to boost your memory muscle and brain health. Everyone wants to live longer and stay mentally sharp, to stay active and enjoy life at this stage. Recently scientists have concluded research which showed as we age of brains do not shrink, but rather, the brain produces new neurons daily. This process is called neurogenesis. 

Some clinics have started implementing exercises to combat stress and insomnia. Aerobics exercise can help to retain mental alertness. As persons age, their thinking processes slow down. The myelin sheet wears out and, the communication sped slows down between neurons. The brain is a truly wonderful organ and, scientists are amazed by the brain’s plasticity, parts of the brain that was damaged or sustained an injury can create new connections to rewire itself for the tasks at hand. Mental sharpness and physical activities can improve one’s ability to stay sharp as you age. Physicians have prescribed some supplements for mental alertness. At PricePro Pharmacy supplements for brain alertness, vitamins and minerals are available, over the counter, supplements are available as well. Visit PricePro Pharmacy for discounted supplements.

Within the Cognitive Fitness plan are strategies outlined to increase brain functioning. This fitness program targets areas of the brain that initiates brain health and cognition fitness. Increase the bran’s memory muscle by a 3 step plan, with each step boosting and improving mental alertness.

  • Consume foods that your brain will love- these include fruits and vegetables. Fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, and grapes have antioxidants called Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant in peanuts, chocolate, and red wine. PricePro Pharmacy carries resveratrol supplements as well. This antioxidant boosts the hippocampus and prevents deterioration. Suggesting that your memory will be improved since the hippocampus is responsible for memory.
  • Alzheimer’s disease occurs as a build-up of plaque, exercising regularly assists in the formation of plaque. Along with creatine, a natural substance for energy, which is in tiny amounts in the brain. Creatine substance is in fish, meats, and eggs. Creatine is an excellent supplement for vegetarians.
  • Managing stress is crucial in boosting brain functioning. One way to manage stress is to reduce stressors. Visit friends and planning trips can reduce stress. Cooking some of your favorite foods. Getting involved in community-based projects and engaging in memory type board games. These types of board games challenge your brain and boosts cognition function.

Optimum brain and cognition functioning is beneficial to everyone regardless of their age. Supplements such as a fish oil pill and Phosphatidylserine are available online. Visit PricePro Pharmacy for a wide variety of supplements to boost brain functioning.


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