Get Excellent Packaging with Cone Sleeves

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By organizing and presenting your products in a fantastic and graceful box can boost up your sales. Moreover, you can build your brand image and reputation quickly in the market in this way. In today’s era, nobody can ignore the alluring and colourful packaging. A product with elegant and unique packaging has the tendency to gather more customers than an ordinary one. Apart from that, when people intend to gift something to their loved ones, they need packaging that can give exceptional quality to the product and the packaging. For fulfilling these needs, custom cone sleeves boxes are the best option for you. It will help in giving a great first impression on your customers as well as to the people you are gifting to.

Moreover, by wrapping your cosmetic products and hair extensions in such packaging, you can make customers prefer your brand over others. As a matter of fact, product quality is not the only factor to enhance your purchasing power. A perfect and fantastic packaging also plays a key role in alluring customers. The nicer the packaging more chances there will be for people to prefer your product. Get sturdy and high-quality material for your sleeve boxes wholesale to ensure customers the safety of their product. Most of the known companies use the latest and high-quality printing techniques to give a perfect finishing to the boxes. Mesmerizing themes, stylish designing, and fonts strengthen the packaging and raise your brand’s status in the eyes of customers.

Select A Suitable Material for Your Sleeve Boxes

The sleeve box or tray box has a sliding tray and opening at both ends. A product is placed on the tray, and then the ray is pushed inside the container that has open ends on both sides. The material of the packaging is of prime importance. If the packaging is not strong and sturdy enough, it will not be able to convince customers buying your product.

Additionally, the safety of the product is the first concern for the people. For this reason, the material should be chosen that has the qualities to protect the product from all environmental conditions. The following are the materials that can help you in achieving this goal.

Cardboard Material:

Cardboard is the most preferred material by the retailers as well as the customers. It is a robust and sustainable material and can make your product survive all environmental conditions. Apart from that, you can mould this material in any shape size and colour. Apart from that, cardboard can get any printing on it.  You can print images, your brand, and logo on sleeve box packaging made of cardboard easily. The thickness of this material is 14pt. You can increase the thickness through pasting as well.

Kraft Material:

On the other hand, Kraft material is an eco-friendly material. Keeping in mind the bad condition of the environment because of global warming, people now prefer biodegradable material. Kraft material can fulfil these requirements. This material is recyclable. So, people who are conscious about their environment prefer this material over others.

Moreover, the thickness of this material ranges from 14pt to 22pt. Apart from that, the raw material required for kraft material is easily available in the market and cheap as well. In this way, you can get a sleeve box made of kraft material at affordable rates.

Corrugated Material:

Contrary to it, corrugated material is best for transport and shipment purposes. This material is thick enough to bear any pressure or jerk during transportation. Moreover, corrugated material comes in different flutes. All the flutes have different measurements in thickness. You can get the one as per your requirement. A, B, C, E, and F flutes are available. If you are not satisfied with a single flute, you can combine the two to enhance the thickness. Mostly, E flute is ion use among retailers.


Give A Classy Look to Your Packaging with Different Coatings

Do you want to save the amazing and shining outlook of your sleeve packaging even after the careless handling of curious customers? The solution is here. Use coatings to achieve this goal. There are different types of coatings. You can select the one according to your choice.

Firstly, the matte coating gives a dense and dim look top the ice cream cone paper sleeveboxes. This coating helps in making the brand name and logo look more prominent because of its flat surface. Similarly, the matte coating is fingerprint resistant and makes colours appear more vibrantly.

Secondly, gloss coating gives a special sheen to the boxes. People who do not like a flat look for their packaging can go with gloss coating. Moreover, people attract more towards shiny and glamorous packaging than a matte one. Also, you can easily remove any stain or dirt from a box with a gloss coating.

Order your ice cream cone sleeve before it is too late.


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