Top 9Smart Tips to Save Money on Shoes

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For most of us, shoes are indispensable accessories. From sneakers to sandals, and boots to heels, there are shoes available for every occasion. Shopping for shoes can really get expensive. If you don’t smart when shopping, it is easy to overspending. Here are 9 smart tips to save more money so you buy more shoes.

Let’s dive in right now. 

1. Buy on the sale season

If you are a smart shopper, you should buy shoes on the sale season. Black Friday, Cyber-Monday, Christmas, Flash Sale, … are the best time to get high-quality shoes at the best price. These days, even famous shoe brands like Adidas offer deepest discounts, special deals for customers. You can hunt sale Adidas shoes on Black Friday Deals. The discounts can be huge and you can even get shoes for free.

Most flash sales end within 12 or 24 hours and the selection is limited, so you should be well-prepared to go shopping as early as possible to get the best discounts.

2. Shop online

Online shopping now is a smart tip to save money on shoes. The price of shoes at online stores is always cheaper than in-store. When you shop online, you have much time to find your favorite brand and choose the right shoes.

In addition, it is a great idea to search for offers. Discount codes, coupons are common online. You can easily search for a discount to save 10-20% or more. In addition, you should compare the shoe prices online. Also, don’t forget to factor in the cost of shipping and make sure the store has a good return policy. A great brand that we would recommend to you is Loom Footwear. It’s currently offering 60% off for a limited time period with free shipping on its Vegan sneakers and you can also get special offers, free giveaways, and once in a lifetime deals as soon as you subscribe to them. 

3. Try shoes carefully before buying

One of the most important things when buying a shoe is to try it carefully before you buy it. This way helps you choose the right shoes. When buying, remember to try walking in the store to see whether walking is comfortable. Try both feet, most people have a big foot and a small foot. So make the best choice for your feet.

In addition, you should pay attention to the harmony between the outfit and the shoe. See what clothes you have and what kind of shoes you need to buy.  Match shoes with your wardrobe to create different fashion styles. Furthermore, for example, sharp heel shoes are suitable for people with a slender, neat shape or need to cover big feet … When buying remember to try walking in the store to see when walking is comfortable. Try both feet, most people have one big foot, one small foot. Make choices for big feet.

4. Buy higher-quality shoes

Although purchasing cheap shoes help you save money in the short term, you have to replace those shoes more frequently because they get worn down quickly. Therefore, you should actually consider buying a quality shoe. Not only do they last longer, but you no longer have foot pain. Higher-quality shoes protect your feet better than cheap shoes.

5. Always search for coupons, discounts

Using coupons when shopping is always saving tips you should apply. Most retail sites offer them throughout the year. It takes two seconds and over time you can save hundreds of dollars.

Nowadays, you can search for coupons on e-commerce sites easily. And and are the best places for you to get the latest discounts on shoes. These websites have partnerships with thousands of shoe stores in offering the deepest discounts on sandals, rain boots, sneakers, and more for customers.

6. Take good care of your shoes

This is an important thing you should pay attention to. When you take good care of your shoes, they’ll last much longer. As a result, you don’t need to buy shoes regularly.

There are simple ways to keep your shoes in the best condition possible:

  • Store shoes in a shoe rack to help keep their shape.
  • Wipe shoes with a soft cloth or shoe brush.
  • Apply a waterproofing treatment to suede shoes.
  • Avoid placing shoes in very hot places to dry if they do get wet.
  • Store shoes somewhere clean and dry.

7. Sign up for reward cards

If you’re a shoe-aholic, this is a great saving solution for you. Many shoe stores offer rewards programs for both new customers and loyal memberships. Just sign up and you’ll get discounts, other special promotions, information on upcoming sales throughout the year.

Many stores offer 10% off for first order when signup. Other stores offer special $10 coupons on your birthday if you are a loyal member. So start to join reward programs and make the most of each order you make.

8. Figure out the latest seasonal footwear trends            

Understanding the trends of seasonal shoes not only helps you become a trendy lady but also helps you to make a reasonable choice for yourself about the style, color, and material you are going to buy. With the current information technology, new trends for the coming season are updated on the internet and fashion magazine pages. Choosing seasonal shoes will help you have just the right shoes for the seasons without spending a ton of money in vain.

9. Your feet’s features

Choosing the right footwear for your feet’s features is the most important factor in choosing the right footwear for your feet. There are many types of footwear that are only suitable for each type of foot with specific characteristics and concealer for one-foot type, but absolutely not suitable for other foot types. So please know what kind of foot you are: big, thin, bone, curved, short … to choose the right footwear. Avoid buying it because of its beautiful look then until you can’t go, that will be extremely wasteful.


To sum up, there are many ways to help you save money when shopping for shoes. Follow these tips and have a pair of shoes for every occasion without breaking the bank. Be a smart shopper when shopping. We hope that you will find the best supporter for your feet.


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