Winter Car Riding Tips to Avoid Risks of Falling Into A Ditch

Winter Car Riding Tips to Avoid Risks of Falling Into A Ditch
Winter Car Riding Tips to Avoid Risks of Falling Into A Ditch

It seems like you are headed somewhere on a winter car ride. Ditch! Okay so you didn’t see this coming right? A lot of drivers become victims as they accidentally fall into a ditch due to rash driving on mountain roads covered with snow or frozen ice. If you don’t have a choice but to take out your car on freezing winter days, it’s important that you steer clear of risks of falling into a ditch. In order to avert potential risks here some cardinal rules to follow: 

Slow down 

 Slowing down has always been the safest approach to drive in a defensive manner. It’s an obvious choice. However, navigating through snow or ice is a different story altogether. Your actions should be measured and slow. A driving school Toronto will teach you to drive safely and carefully during extreme weathers. A trip needn’t be only high paced especially when the roads turn uncontrollable; it should be rather slow paced. A lot of vehicles that run on high speed on mountains face the risk of sliding into ditches. Hence, a driving school Scarborough will set examples why it is always better to drive slower and reach your home safe than pacing up with a vehicle trying to compete with you. 

Get control over your accelerator and brakes 

This is a chief way of gaining control over a road which can lead your vehicle to skid and topple off the mountain into a ditch. Since winter months lead to frozen roads which get slippery it’s difficult to have control over the tires unless you constantly keep your feet on the accelerator and brakes. Make sure your car gains momentum such that it can move straight without any problem. Hill or mountains will demand you to have control over your brakes as turns get dangerous since it becomes difficult to see vehicles coming your way. It’s the time when you suddenly confront fellow vehicles on a turn which can further make it difficult for you to have power over the brakes. When temperatures are freezing it is vital that you slow down since ice is hard to identify. Most drivers face the challenge when they confront black ice which is nearly invisible to them. 

Winterize the vehicle

Did you know one of the best ways to protect the engine of your car during winter months is by replacing the water with an anti-freeze fluid? It keeps your engine safe and unaffected due to the freezing. What is even more interesting is the fact that you should always keep the fuel tank at least half filled; this will lead the vehicle to continue running even during times when you get stuck in the middle of the ride. 

Wiper fluid is also an essential to take into account whenever you are going outside with your car on winter months. It allows the wiper to function well and as a result helps keep the snow away from the windshield. Don’t get panicky if you suddenly encounter snow. Turn on the wipers and they will go. 

During winter driving it is vital that you take certain tools along to save you in emergency. Tools like a shovel come handy when you get stuck because of snow. Take a first aid kit along when you are driving during winter months. 


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