How to Drive in Poor Weather Condition?

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Driving a car in normal days is easy, but when it comes to driving in bad weather, you have to take extra precautions while driving. When you notice bad weather condition, you have to keep a few things in mind to reach home safely. Here, we have prepared a detailed blog on how to drive in poor weather condition? This guide will help you drive safely in bad weather condition. 

What do you mean by poor/ bad weather condition? 

Poor or bad weather condition means the condition of the weather during winters and monsoon when storm or snow hit the roads. Poor weather conditions usually seen during monsoon season. Here, we have categorized the types of bad weather conditions in different seasons along with the safety tips that you should follow. 

Tips for Driving a Car in Bad Weather

Rain makes the condition even worsen. Make sure to follow the below given tips during the rainy season to keep yourself safe. 

1. Check Weather Data

There are ways to collect weather data before you start your trip. Using weather forecasting reports and other information about the weather makes it easy for you to plan things properly. We can use mobile devices, computer systems, laptops and other specially designed weather forecasting devices to check weather data. 

2. Drive Slowly 

You should drive slowly in bad weather as you can control your car easily when the speed of your car is slow. Most accidents in bad weather occurs due to fast speed. When you notice bad weather around, make sure to reduce your car’s speed to keep you and your family safe. 

3. Get Your Vehilce Serviced 

You must keep your car well maintained with regular servicing. Get your brakes checked as in the rainy season, brakes become less effective. You must service your vehicle properly. You can only keep yourself safe when your car is well-serviced. Make sure you do it regularly before every monsoon. 

4. Tighten Seatbelts 

Make sure you and the other passengers of your vehicle wear seatbelts. Everyone inside the car needs to buckle up the seatbelts to provide more safety to each one of them. Data proves that seatbelts provide enough safety to passengers in all weather conditions. 

These are some common tips which we all should follow to keep ourselves safe in bad weather conditions. Here we have categorized tips for different seasons so that you can take extra precautions while driving your car in the specific season. Let’s get on to the list of categories. 

Safety Tips for Driving a Car in Rain 

Use Wipers: Car wipers are there to keep the windshield of your car clean so that you can see the road and other things properly. When it is raining, let the wipers do their work. It is also important for you to maintain your wipers. You should change the wiper blades periodically. 

Use Headlights: When it is raining, turn on the headlights of your car even if there is day time. In the rainy season, the visibility level falls. The reason why you should turn your car’s headlights is it helps others notice your car and prevents you from accidents. 

Clean up the Windows: Not just the windshield, but you should also clean up the windows of your car. You can turn on the air conditioner to clean up the windows from inside. Before you start your trip, make sure to clean up the windows from the out also. 

Slow Speed: Focus on driving your car in the right lane. To do so, you should reduce the speed of your car. It is said that in bad weather, one should drive their vehicle at around 40 km/h speed. 

Tips for Driving a Car in High Winds 

Follow the safety tips given in the main part of this article first. 

In high winds, one should avoid driving a car as it is almost impossible to see what’s happening around. 

Tips for Driving a Car in the Fog 

Use Fog Lights: Keep your headlights in the low beam and turn on the fog lights when you notice fog around. In such condition, take your car to the right lane and park it well. Also turn on the emergency indicators to warn others. 


Driving a car in bad weather is extremely difficult for all types of people. The condition during such weather is completely different from normal days. Make sure you follow the above given tips to clear your doubts on how to drive in poor weather condition. Do not forget to check weather data before you start your trip as you can avoid your drive or can shift the important meetings, etc. on other day for safety purpose. 


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