Reason Why Your Internet Download Speed Is Higher Than Upload Speed

luke chesser JKUTrJ4vK00 unsplash
luke chesser JKUTrJ4vK00 unsplash

Do you know the difference between download speed and upload? And why is one usually so much bigger than the other? Ask all your questions about this subject here.

Have you ever noticed that the download speed is usually well over the upload speed on the broadband internet?

If you’ve never noticed, go to My Connection and take the Speed Test to learn more about your data. Observing rates is very important to manage your internet plan.

Many are surprised when they see that the upload speed is lower than the download speed. That is, that the speed at which data is sent from your computer to other PCs and providers is less than the speed at which you receive data.

This difference between rates is normal and you don’t have to be scared. The download speed is much higher because it keeps up with the overall needs of customers. That is, we receive much more data than we send.

We can make a parallel with the books, to get more didactic. There are more people who read than people who write. That is, it tends to receive more information than it does to produce.

While many don’t worry about this when hiring an internet plan, the speed offered by the carrier refers to the download fee that can be achieved.

When you hire a 500 kbps (kilobits per second) plan, for example, or 1 Mbps (megabits per second) you will have these values as the maximum speeds that your internet network can achieve when you are downloading data.

However, the speed of your upload is also something important. If it’s too low, it can impact the quality of your internet browsing. This is because your computer will have difficulty sending packets requesting the receipt of data

How to find out your download and upload rate

The main problem with the country’s broadband is not in the lower upload rates than the download.

It is, in fact, in the fact that operators do not deliver the speeds that are contracted by users, claiming various technical difficulties and network overload.

Nowadays, with the development of new technologies, these statements are practically unfounded. For any type of service provided, the consumer needs to receive what he pays for.

In the case of the internet, the consumer pays for the maximum speed of the plan, but almost always receives a lower speed.

Therefore, it is very important that consumers are charged, whether ordinary users or government users and other entities. This is so that telecommunications service providers can effectively offer the speeds contracted in the plans.

How to do the speed test

When faced with a very slow internet, with constant failures and cuts, users should make sure to test its quality. In this way, a charge can be made with the operator. Similarly, If you are having slow download speed always use download calculator by to confirm the download time for files.


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