5 Different types of Batting Cages

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Do you know what exactly Batting Cages are?

Well, batting cage is also known as tunnel. It is basically an enclosed area, it is used for the practice of different sports. Basketball, tennis, cricket and a lot of other sports care practiced in batting cages.

The material of the batting cage is not fixes, it is optional and is totally up to you. Usually they are made from netting, but one can also make it from cloth, plastic or wires. It totally depends on the owner of the batting cage.

Okay, so there are different types of batting cages and here are few of them you might need to know before purchasing one for yourself.

  1. If you want a batting cage for your kid so he could play basketball at the back of the yard then you should totally go with the one which is flat and have even flooring and got no automatic features. By no automatic feature I meant that one has to pick up the ball b themselves, so these are not good if you are looking to practice professionally. It is best for kids, as it is tiring and needs a lot of energy, and only kids have that sort of energy.
  • If you need to practice professionally and all then you should go with the one which has automatic features and also have a sloped flooring. This type of batting cage makes sure that all of your concentration and energy is towards your performing and batting and not on picking up balls. Also, the sloped floor helps balls to be on the one side and by this it gets easier.
  • There is a softball batting cage as well. It is best for students or for people who wants to practice on small level. As compared to other batting cages, this portable batting cages material is a bit light and fit for the practice of small leagues.
  • Next batting cage is an expensive one and best for people who wants to practice professionally. It is automated and as well as mechanical. This batting cage contains a conveyor belt, which bring all the balls together and it automatically places them in the machine. It saves a lot of time as well. This batting cage is one of the most convenient and expensive one, but it is absolutely worth it.
  • The last type of batting cage is the one which will only be best for highly professional people. Who play it internationally and are professional athletes. Because firstly they will be costly and only they can afford it, and secondly their material is the best of all. It is strong enough to hold the strongly hit basketballs. So, if you are an athlete then you should go for them, otherwise you can go with other types of batting cages.

Before purchasing a batting cage, you need to know which one is the most suitable for you and then you should go for that one.


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