10 Innovative Mobile App Design Trends for 2020


A mobile app is a powerful tool that can be used for both brand promotion as well as offering the users a unique buying experience.

The importance of a mobile app has forced experts to analyze and do some in-depth research to find out what design trends are popular at present.

The mobile app design has seen many changes and it is continually evolving to suit the needs of people at a particular time.

While some of the design trends stay on for a long period, many fade away with time.

Some of the trends that are listed below will define mobile app design in the year 2020 and beyond. 

Choose App Design Trends for your app wisely as it will have a great impact on the App Design Cost. Also, the more app design trends you want to include in your app, the higher the cost.

While many of these trends were in use earlier also, they have been upgraded to ensure greater functionality and attractive looks.

10 amazing UI trends to look for in 2020

Minimalist design

While the minimalist design is not something new, the latest avatar of minimalist design has evolved to look more exciting and offer greater functionality.

As the name suggests, this design offers clean and easy to use screens. It has minimum icons or images hogging the screen, more screen space.

This design offers an intelligent use of black-and-white design base alongside one or two bright colors.

A few examples of mobile apps that use such a design to great effect are TikTok, Rise and Happn.

Such a design offers a greater user engagement that results in a higher conversion ratio.

The advantage of using a minimalist design is that it offers higher download speed, which is vital if the app requires sourcing of data from a server online.

3D models and rendering

Just like the minimalist design, 3D modelling is also not new. However, as technology has evolved, 3D modelling technology has become more accessible due to a sharp drop in its price.

Now even a medium or small-sized business can adopt it for their mobile app design without stretching their budget unreasonably.

As Internet speed is increasing (4G to 5G), highly engaging 3D content will help you to attract more users.

Such a design offers a virtual experience that looks very similar to the off-line stores.

Experts visualize that such a design will be very popular in e-commerce, education, and mobile game apps.

Some of the important apps that use this kind of design include Google Earth.


Animated design trend is also gaining wider acceptance with app designers worldwide.

This design includes micro-interactions that allow the buttons inside the app change color when you press on it.  

Even the headlines change color when the users are scrolling through that allows you to fix their attention to a specific portion of the app screen.

Such a micro-interaction allows you to keep a minimalist screen with a large number of small interactive features that will guide the user where to go.

New old typography

If you look at many of the trending designs for mobile apps, you will find that they are like old wine in a new bottle.

However, if you dig a bit deeper, you will find most of these had a major overhaul and are back with new features and looks that are more engaging.

One such app design with a completely revamped look is the typography UI design.

In its latest changed format, it comes with a bold yet stylish look that helps you to put the focus on the key idea of the app.

App designers are trying to limit the number of text on the app pages, but increasing the size of the headlines, captions or even the logos for greater visibility.

Liquid swipe and buttonless design

App UI is slowly focusing on giving the designers a greater space to express their artistic ideas by reducing the number of buttons on the screen.

In the buttonless design trend, gesture-driven functionality is coming to the centre stage.

Now app designers are focusing on creating a hundred per cent gesture-based interface to make the interaction with the app more engaging and entertaining.


Dark theme

Many app designers are offering light as well as dark mode themes.

While the light theme is the regular one, the dark theme is designed to ensure that the app user can use it effortlessly in low light conditions.

In the dark theme, the smartphone adjusts the brightness level according to the surrounding by reducing the use of bright pixels.

This not only saves the battery power of the mobile but also reduces eye strain for the app users.

Voice design

As speech recognition technology has advanced to amazing heights, app designers are increasingly using it to create a dynamic, interactive app design.

Experts predict that in the future non-visual UX trends will dominate the app design market.

Such designs have huge usage in creating apps for e-commerce sites, streaming multimedia apps, news applications as well as sports apps.

Maxed out colors theme

Mobile app designers are also experimenting with bright and bold colors in creating beautiful UI to attract the attention of the app user.

These colors look amazing against the dark background.

The designers are using it increasingly as the new age smartphone screens support high-resolution vibrant colors.

This permits the designer to display their artistic skills to the fullest potential.

Transparent elements

Many app designers are experimenting with transparent and semi-transparent gradients and overlays.

Such designs allow you to look through an image that makes it feel lightweight.

It gives a sensation that you can reach out and touch whatever features lie beyond the image.

Retro design

Retro styling is making a big comeback in 2020. Designers use a retro font to draw the attention of the user as such a font contrast quite heavily against the modern fonts.

While some designers restrict the retro design to the fonts only, others go the entire way and design the UI with retro illustrations, fonts, as well as colors.


While the design we have discussed here sounds and looks quite exciting, many others are waiting in the wings to add something new that will blow the mind of the users.

So let us wait and see what new trends, gain popularity in 2020 that will change the way we use mobile apps.


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