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Overlord season 4, return of the sorcerer king. What’s next for the highly popular anime series in its fourth installment?   This question had been at the forefront of Overlord fan’s mind since the end of season three in October 2018. The anime based off the light novels of the same name has been a huge success since the first episode. The series popularity is due to the Overlord story and also the incredible action-packed fight scene. Specifically, many of combat scenes in the series have been playing as some of the best produced. Additionally, the interaction and evolution of the characters as the series has progressed has also been popular. Now, Overlord season 4 launch date draws closer the answer to many fan questions does as well.


Store so far

In order to fully grasp the potential plot and character developments of overlord season 4 know about the previous season. Without going too much detail and spoiling the series the main plots focuses on the adventures of Ainz/Momonga. Specifically, after he finds himself transported to the world exactly like his favorite videogame in the body of his avatar.  Additionally, the also focuses on several sub characters including NPC Ainz/Momonga created/accessed to in the game. However, in the world of overlord these NPC have taken on a life of their own. Specifically, developing personality and character traits that are quite unique an unexpected.

season one

The first season focused on Ainz/Momonga arrival in the world and also his early action there. Specifically, he followed his adventures were either this much as he could about the world and its peoples. Also, it showed how he interacted with the various people who live there. Additionally, it also began to show how NPC were developing into their own persons. That is to say, they were no longer just blindly following their programing, Which will be greatly expanded on in overlord season 4.

season two

The second season focused on Ainz/Momonga plan find out if there were any others like him in the world. Specifically, he was trying to find out if there were more players from the game trapped in the world. As a result, the series follows his actions would being early conquests of neighboring civilizations his fortress. Also, the season focused on the further development of more of the NPC personalities as well as introducing new ones. Some of these new characters were allies others were enemies with some changing these roles at the story moved forward.

Season three

The third season brought additional complexity to Ainz/Momonga as you continue to further his goals from the previous season. Specifically, he furthers his ambition conquests as well as continue to seek answers the world connection to the game. Additionally, he becomes more aware of the changes in the NPCs personalities and himself. Also, further complications were added to use relationships or action with the rest of the world. This is by no means a complete overview of the series it however does provided point of reference. That being said, any new fan should watch the series before overlord season 4 lunches.

image 1
image 1

Overlord season 4 plot

The fans of Overlord have spent a great deal of time speculating on what the plot of season 4 will be. The overlord series based on a series of light novels it is not 100% to the plot of those books. Example of this fact that one of the NPCs has two sister NPCs which have yet to be revealed in the anime. As a result, there’s always some pricing difference between the novels and the show. One of the more likely plot points though to make it into the show are difficulties Ainz/Momonga may face politically.

At the end of the previous season he had just conquered a large section territory fool of different races. Many of these are hostile to one and other which will create political issues. Additionally, he will be walking in ever tighter line between his true goals and keeping his NPC under control. Specifically, one or more based off the light novels could go into open rebellion against him. It’s also possible that the series will focus on different characters than in previous season.  whatever the case be, overlord season four will still maintain a connection to the books. That being said, also go its own way and try to continue creating one of the most popular animas.

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Overlord season 4 characters

overlord season 4 is expected to addition to the primary character of Ainz/Momonga bring back many other characters. Additionally, many of the world characters that have been introduced should also be returning. Also, fans are expecting new characters to make appearances in overlord season 4. Notable examples include the NPC Albedo’s sisters as well as other Guardians like Grant. In other words, it is expected that characters that only appeared in earlier books will finally make appearances.

image 2
image 2

Overlord season 4 late

Though fans are overjoyed that season 4 of Overlord has been confirmed some are wondering why it took so long. Additionally, they also wondering what the exact release date will be. Overboard seasons 4 to your weight is due to several reasons that have to do with material and finance. As with most anime’s that are converted from manga or novels the series has to wait until there’s enough material. If the show catches up to where the source then it has to stop production until there’s more material. In the case of overlord season 4 there is now more than enough.

To Know More About Overlord season 4

Additionally, the studio that produced show has to be available to continue the project. If it has moved on to other projects show will have to wait until they’re available. However, the most important criteria are a demand for the show. If there is no demand or not large enough of the then the series will usually be canceled. Fortunately, for fans of the overlord series the demand there for season 4. Unfortunately, there is not yet a 100% guarantee date for the season launch. Over the course of 2020 it has been rescheduled several times. The most recent date being September 14th, 2020. Hopefully, will bring the answers for “what’s next for the highly popular anime series in its fourth installment?”


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