How To Keep Your Mobile Phone Battery Loaded and Charge Lasting Much More.

How To Keep Your Mobile Phone Battery Loaded and Charge Lasting Much More.
How To Keep Your Mobile Phone Battery Loaded and Charge Lasting Much More.

Can you think of any other depressed moment than seeing your mobile phone battery in the Red Block while or when you are out and in really need of it? Well, in my case, it’s like getting lost on a desert. But, have you ever thought of the reasons or tried to fix it up while blaming your cute little mobile phone? Probably No! Right?

Well, let’s then be a doctor and give a little treatment to your mobile to make it’s battery power last long enough.

Please note that I will not be talking about any kind of advanced tweaks so that these stunts can be performed by Anyone even without under parental guidance under home and at school.

Improve Battery Life

Get Rid of the Power Sucking Apps!

Your mobile phone might be having applications or background process which you do not actually require. Most of them are drinking on your Battery blood and staying alive like a culprit. Then why don’t you kick them out and save a bit of charge?


End or Quit applications which you DO NOT USE or require mandatorily. It’s “The Less The More” when it comes to batteries.

Have The Patience to Charge Fully!

Whenever I plug my mobile phone for charging it up, I never have the patience to see the Battery Bar touching it’s limit. I just unplugs it away before it’s fully charged and blame it when I see red on the screen. Lazy me! Right? Well, are you charging your batteries fully? If not, try to have some patience and make sure you charge your battery fully and go for the kill.

Use Efficient Batteries!

Hell Yeah! I’ve experienced dramatic changes after buying a new branded battery for my phone. In most of the Red Bar Cases 🙂 , it will be because of the damn China battery or of a low quality one. [ China batteries are commonly weak ].

So, get a brand new battery and give the kiss to your phone with that. Let’s see how she likes it.

Don’t Power-Up over the Limit!

You might have probably seen pregnant batteries which are bulged out like at least two times. Well, I’ve seen many! It happens when you overcharge it or forgets to disconnect the power even after it’s fully loaded with power. So it gets a baby inside her. These can result in low standby time and might even weaken your mobile phone. So, what out for pregnant batteries and always remember NOT-TO keep your batteries charging overtime.

Keep the Voice Down a Bit!

There are maniacs who plays music on their phones like they want the whole damn world to hear it. Well, I was that kinda maniac some time ago.

Actually, we don’t need to use the FULL VOLUME to hear songs. We just need to hear it and don’t want to show off that we own a fully functional phone. Right? So try to keep the volume of your phone in an average way so that you can enjoy it like a feather.

This can work really awesome and I give you my word on it mate!

Beep! Beep! What, you’re the RoadRunner?

My best pal Bibin always sets his touch/press and alert sounds enabled and fully in volume. It’s like these guys want to hear the sound when they touch or press the phone! Why the Heck?

Stop being a Roadrunner and disable the beep, alerts sound on your phone. It can save some real battery for long time.


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